An old friend, Jason Maxfield, has opened up a new coffee shop in Portland called Outlier Coffee - it's part of the food cart pod at 51st and Division. Outlier has both delicious coffee and Jason, who is fun to talk to. Yesterday as I was telling him of the benefits of having a newsletter I decided to do something I've often considered - setting him up with a free 2-month Constant Contact trial and send him what a first newsletter might look like. Here's the result .

The new Constant Contact editor is so easy to use and produces something visually pleasing and powerful (see demo video below). If you'd like me to show you how this might work for your business, please let me know. Now is a great time to think about marketing for the holidays :)

I've been excited about the connection of some of the tools I use for marketing: Constant Contact, Facebook and I've written about all 3 over the years, but thought I'd share a webinar with you on October 29th @ 11am showing how I use each. Please feel free to join me (this webinar won't be recorded) and tell your friends via the social share buttons above.

If you appreciate what I do and want to take a moment to do me a solid, please feel free to leave a review on Yelp!, Facebook or Google - thank you! These links are also a great place to see what others think of my work.

I hope you're having a great Fall.


Albert Kaufman
If you are curious how best to market in your industry, this document does a great job of highlighting important points - what holidays to keep in mind; days and times that are best to send information and other useful insights - industry by industry.

Here's a video that my friend and colleague Ken Countess in Orlando, FL created. It shows how to create an email like the one you're reading in 3 minutes.