Prime Label Consultants & Morgan Lewis present:
Legal Perspectives on
Food Labeling Issues and Emerging Trends
Food labeling changes are hitting the industry from all sides - in state law, nationally, internationally and in the courts. If you’re concerned about …

•  USDA's new Bioengineered Disclosure rule
•  How food innovations like cell-cultured meat and CBD will be regulated
•  States dictating food label standards
•  How to navigate the many agencies in charge of meal kits & retail delivery
•  The risks and trends in class action lawsuits
•  Conflicting jurisdictions at the state, national & international level

. . . then come to the Food Label Seminars - October 10-11, 2019, in Chicago - to hear how the most impressive minds in food law and regulation address those quest ions. Five partners and associates from top global law firm Morgan Lewis will be on hand to unpack these issues and many more. See below for details:

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Day 1: Critical Legal Issues in Food Labeling Today
Bob Hibbert
Morgan Lewis
Legal Trends:

Bioengineered Disclosure, CBD and more
Thursday October 10

Recent scientific advancements have revolutionized the way food is being grown, sold and regulated. Come hear from Bob Hibbert , who formerly led the USDA's labeling policy staff and is now a top food lawyer in Washington, h ow the FDA and USDA will continue to ensure the safety of our nation's food supply as technologies advance. He will cover:

  • Bioengineereed Food Labeling
  • Status of CBD Regulations
  • FDA Enforcement Issues

Ann Begley
Morgan Lewis
States Dictating Standards:

Cell-Cultured Meat, Protein Alternatives and more
Thursday October 10
State efforts to regulate the labeling of food products have exploded with at least 26 states pursuing legislation in this area. In response, organizations are suing the states claiming free speech protections and competitive disadvantages. Ann Begley , Morgan Lewis Partner and food expert will address:

  • Current State Law Activity
  • Examples of Enacted State Laws
  • Overview of Federal Preemption

Ryan Fournier
Morgan Lewis
Meal Kits, Retail & Home Delivery Evolution
Thursday October 10
Consumers today are purchasing food differently than ever before. With meal-kits, online retail and grocery delivery - the mixed network of distributors raises complex new regulatory questions that are not yet answered by regulators. Ryan Fournier , Associate at Morgan Lewis will cover:

  • Meal Kit & Home Delivery Jurisdictions
  • Retail Store Exemptions
  • Locally Sold, Direct-to-Consumer & Online Marketplace Nuances
  • FDA, USDA, State & Local Regulatory Agency Interaction
  • Enforcement Takeaways

Ben Smith
Morgan Lewis
Class Action Labeling Lawsuits
Thursday October 10
Ever since lawyers that successfully sued Big Tobacco set their sights on the food industry, class action lawsuits have proliferated. Natural claims are still a big target, but have been joined by Standards of Identity and Sugar claims. Ben Smith , a Morgan Lewis Partner who obtained one of the largest contested jury verdicts in US history will explain:

  • Lawsuit Filing Trends
  • Standards of Identity Claims
  • Natural Claims
  • Sugar Claims
  • California Enforcement Actions
Katelyn Hilferty
Morgan Lewis
Evolving Trends & Legal Risk:

State, National, International
Thursday October 10
Today industry must keep up with a dizzying explosion of regulatory activity at the state, national and international level. It can be confusing to navigate overlapping jurisdictions and conflicting agency actions. Katelyn Hilferty , Associate at Morgan Lewis will unpack:

  • International Trade Issues
  • Export Controls & Customs Laws
  • Sanctioned Country Regulations
  • Jurisdictions & Classifications

Day 2: Bioengineered Labeling Strategies or 
Nutrition Label Reform Implementation
Jesse Zuehlke, PhD
General Manager
Prime Label
New Bioengineered (GMO) Disclosure:

Working Session for Best Practices Across the Supply Chain
Friday October 11
8:30 am - 3:30 pm
This seminar will focus on the specifics of the National Bioengineered Disclosure Standard and assess the pros and cons of implementation strategies, developing a tactical roadmap that works across the entire supply chain. Starting with technical and business knowns and unknowns, we will take a working group approach to best practices across multiple constituencies and information platforms. This full day session by Dr. Jesse Zuehlke includes: 

  • Overview of new National Bioengineered Disclosure Standard
  • Planning the Transition Across Supply Chain Interdependencies
  • Tracking Ingredient Data
  • Disclosure Standards Pros & Cons
  • Managing Changing Government Requirements
  • Enforcement Risk Mitigation
Christina Bechtold
Prime Label
Caitlin Diederich
Managing Consultant
Prime Label
Nutrition Label Reform for USDA Foods:

 Tactical Roadmap and Best Practices
Friday October 11
8:30 am - 3:30 pm
After creating thousands of NFPs, Prime Label has distilled its expertise into a seminar on technical requirements, tactical lessons learned and industry trends in converting to the new NFP.

If you're under USDA inspection and seeking best practices, we are pleased to offer a program designed to highlight the key information you need. This full day session led by Christina Bechtold, and Caitlin Diederich includes: 

  • The Pros and Cons of Converting USDA Labels to the New FDA NFP format
  • Updates on Agency Action: USDA & FDA
  • Nutrients, Daily Values, Units and Rounding Rules
  • Serving Changes and New Dual Column Requirements
  • Added Sugar & Dietary Fiber Definition / Requirements
  • Case Studies for Optimizing the Nutrition Facts Panel
  • Trends, Lessons Learned and Best Practices
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Bonus : All three seminars qualify for continuing education credit from AND's Commission on Dietetic Registration.
Prime Label Consultants has been helping companies navigate food labeling since 1972. Always a thought-leader and pioneer in helping food companies transition to new labeling regulations, Prime Label has distilled its expertise into a working group on technical requirements, tactical lessons learned and industry decision making considerations.
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