Houmas House Estate & Gardens
February 2022
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Celebrate Valentine's Day at Houmas House
Not all restaurants are created equal when looking for the perfect place to celebrate Valentine's Day. Ambiance, a special menu, and impeccable service are the three things diners will look for when choosing where to make reservations.
If you've dined at one of the Houmas House restaurants, it's no surprise every diner's holiday is sold out.
And while the quality of the food is important, we know why Houmas House is often a first choice - it's more than just a restaurant.
The quaint Turtle Bar is dark and romantic and offers a large selection of high end wines, whiskeys and specialty cocktails.
The gardens are perfectly landscaped and lighted, creating a romantic setting for a nighttime walk.
And dinner is enjoyed in a romantic and picturesque setting with impeccable service. Why go anywhere else? Don't wait to book. Reservations will fill up quickly.
Book a Romantic Getaway for Valentine's Day
Houmas House is the perfect romantic getaway for the Valentine's Day weekend! The Inn offers private cottages tucked away among colorful gardens with front row seats to watch the sun set over the Mississippi River. Each room is well appointed with exquisite antiques, sitting nooks, coffee station, and a luxurious bathroom. Book soon! There are only 20 rooms.
Secrets From the Kitchen at Houmas House
If you've followed us on social media the last year, you've seen our weekly live cooking shows. Each Thursday Chef Jeremy Langlois has shared some of his favorite recipes while sprinkling in a little history. These cooking shows have brought a whole new dimension to our interaction with all of you and to our restaurants. Thank you for watching, commenting and letting us be part of your week.
What Do You Love About Houmas House?
Do You Love the Antiques?

It wouldn't be possible to fully tell our story without the antique furniture and artifacts throughout the mansion. From the Houmas Indian figurines from the early 1800's to the Prudent Mallard beds, each piece tells a story from our 240 year-old history.
Some artifacts are a display of wealth, while others prove how hard it was to live without the modern conveniences we have today. 
For example, displayed in the mansion dining room is a rare champagne carafe only afforded by the wealthy. It was used during lavish dinner parties stretching over many courses where the discussion was of politics, war, cultivation of sugar cane and local gossip.  
In contrast, displayed and demonstrated in the original kitchen dating back to 1774, are antique tools and "appliances", showing how labor-intensive brewing a pot of coffee was, starting with roasting the coffee beans for hours.  None of these stories would be complete without these artifacts- some dating back to the 1790's. 
Much of the artwork throughout the home depicts what every day life was like, from the landscapes to the portraits we see how much has changed in our surroundings and in fashion.
The Houmas House story is much more than just a home tour. Once visited, one has a better understanding of the culture and the history along the Great River Road and specifically of Houmas House.
Do You Love Gardens?

Many guests are intrigued by the guided mansion tour and learning the Houmas House history. But every guest is surprised and impressed by the formal gardens spanning across 38 acres. Replanted seasonally, the Gardens of Houmas House provide another dimension to this estate. With usually mild winters, florals thrive year round providing art-like colors, textures and designs wrapping around historic Live Oak trees, gracing large arbors and outlining winding pathways.
Three greenhouses are needed to propagate new plants, readying them for the upcoming season. Landscape photographers, brides to be, families and garden enthusiasts alike all enjoy the backdrop of these gardens. Even our restaurants enjoy the use of our vegetable and herb gardens which provide seasonal items to serve daily.
Do You Love Architecture?

Many plantation homes in South Louisiana showcase Greek Revival architecture featuring wrap around porches and large columns. This appealing design with a symmetrical layout is not only pleasing to the eye, but it also served a purpose. When all the doors and windows were open it created a natural wind tunnel and helped circulate fresh air coming from the Mississippi River.
The Houmas Mansion went through about 14 owners over the last 240 years, each making modifications until the estate became what is today.
For guests interested in architecture the spiral staircase is a spectacular structure stretching three stories high. Taking two years to complete, it was once a free floating staircase and made completely of Cypress wood. The wood was soaked in the Mississippi River until it was pliable, then slowly it was curved into the shape it is today. 
Each addition to the home reflected the personality of its owner, and showed the evolution of architectural design throughout the decades.

You've asked for this and now it's finally here- our gift shop is available online! Starting with a few of our most popular items, we will continue to add more products throughout the year. This is the perfect way to share your memories of Houmas House with friends and family. Orders are shipped in the US only.
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Open Daily

Mansion Tours: 9:30 am- 7:00 pm daily
Gift Shop: 9:00 am- 8:00 pm daily
The Carriage House Restaurant: 11:00am - 8:00pm
Latil's Landing Restaurant:
Thursday- Saturday 6:00pm-9:00pm (By Reservation)
Dixie Café: 8:00 am- 2:00 pm daily (located in The Great River Road Museum)

Mansion & Garden Tour Tickets: Adult; $35 | Teen: $17 | Child $12
Houmas House Estate and Gardens
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