What Does It Take to #EndHunger?
It's September, which means it's time for the annual Feed the Future Week! Join the conversation September 10-14 to share what you think it will take to #endhunger –  and what you're doing about it.

As America’s initiative to combat global hunger, Feed the Future has built a powerful and diverse coalition of partners to tackle the root causes of hunger, poverty and malnutrition. We’ve harnessed the best of American ingenuity and innovation to boost food security and nutrition.

Our biggest challenge in the years ahead will be protecting and accelerating progress in an increasingly complex and dynamic world. So, together with our partners, we’re promoting economic prosperity and a path for individual, community and country self-reliance through agriculture-led growth by:

These combined efforts are supporting global stability

We’ve achieved a lot together. Since the start of Feed the Future:
  • 23.4 million more people now live above the poverty line (estimate)
  • 3.4 million more children are living free from stunting (estimate)
  • 5.2 million more families are no longer suffering from hunger (estimate)
  • 900+ innovations developed and deployed
  • $3.3 billion agricultural and rural loans unlocked
  • $10.5 billion generated by farmers in new agricultural sales

During Feed the Future Week, our partners are joining us to celebrate this work by sharing efforts that are helping #endhunger around the world. Tune in online September 10-14 to learn more!

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Photo Credit: Feature Image – Land O'Lakes International.
Feed the Future is the U.S. Government’s global hunger and food security initiative.