Image: Mrs. P looks at the "Unknown Martyrs" plaque and remembers her husband who died under the NK regime.

The meaning of the word martyr is “to bear witness.” But what does a martyr actually bear witness to?

Is it their personal belief in the existence of God? Is it their personal spiritual experience? Or is it their theological interpretations of events?

None of these things fit the Scriptural pattern of bearing witness. Click here to find out what the Bible calls us to bear witness to.

Warmly in Christ,
Pastor and Dr. Foley

CHINA: 90-Year-Old Denied Baptism

(Chengdu, Sichuan Province) State security officers sieged the home of the 90-year-old father of Liu Xiaoqiong, a renowned Chengdu female human rights activist, to prevent him from receiving baptism. 

State security officials dispatched police vehicles to the place the elderly man lives. Officers stake out the area 24 hours each day trying to intimidate pastors and bar them from baptizing Ms. Liu’s father. These are the same tactics they have used in Chengdu to sabotage the ministry of Early Rain Covenant Church, whose pastor, Wang Yi, was sentenced to nine years in prison last December.

The goal is to...

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In Algeria, it’s against the law to use a building for non-Muslim worship without getting permission from the government. Several churches have been forced to close and now Christians are meeting in homes, which is also illegal. 

In the midst of these church closures, church leaders have asked us to give Algerian children Christmas Care packs filled with essential items – both physical and spiritual. Church leaders hope to distribute 3,000 packs and each pack contains a Bible and Christian literature. 

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Pray for Pastor Foley and the current situation related to balloon launching. The police have recommended that prosecutors charge Pastor Foley on three counts. 1) Violation of the inter-Korean exchange act, 2) Violation of the national security act, 3) Illegally transporting high-pressure gas. Neither Pastor Foley nor VOMK are being charged with any financial mismanagement. Please pray that God will bring glory to His name and that God would use each of the Bibles that we have sent into North Korea through balloons. 

Pray for Mrs. P and her family in South Korea. The enemy often uses the demands of South Korean society and the trauma of the loss of their father to keep Mrs. P’s children from carrying on the legacy of faith they have received from their father. He was an underground Christian inside of North Korea. He likely died in an NK concentration camp. Mrs. P asks for prayer for her and her children to faithfully walk in the path which her husband walked.