Critical Care Facilities - Where IAQ and Equipment Cooling Meet
Creating Responsible
Healing Environments

Responsible healing and work environments for patients and staff is critical in the design of ClimateCraft HVAC systems.

Staff and patients like them because:
  • Custom flexibility to satisfy the ideal comfort control requirements of the facility
  • Advanced FanMatrix™ fan array delivers industry leading sound performance for a quiet environment
  • Offers exceptional flexibility in redundant applications

 IAQ/Infection Control
  • Custom flexibility that supports the use of effective OA control,
  • HEPA filtration, UVC lights and more
  • Stainless steel interiors and thermal break construction support ongoing system cleanliness

ACCESS™ site assembled units turn impossible retrofits into reality
  • Factory engineered to meet your access and MER space limitations
  • Lightweight aluminum panels, factory training and site supervision
  • Lower installation costs
  • FanMatrix™ fan arrays allow fit through 3' doorways

Facility owners like them for the low cost of ownership and operations:
Sustainability / Efficiency
  • Customized selections and design that provide peak performance using AMCA & AHRI Certified components
  • FanMatrix™ fan arrays that eliminate Performance-robbing v-belt drives and fan shaft bearings
  • MatrixMonitor™ packaged controls to monitor airflow, air temperature and fan performance to help maximize cost savings

Durability / Safety
  • Industrial strength cabinet and components specifically designed for long-term performance
  • Dual air tunnels with central access/service vestibules support 24/7 system operation
  • FanMatrix™ fan arrays can provide 100% airflow capability even with the loss of a fan motor

Reduced Maintenance
  • Direct drive FanMatrix™ fan array eliminates high maintenance belt drive systems and costly downtime
  • Gasketed panel design maintains long term performance and minimizes service cost and downtime

Engineers, Designers and Contractors like ClimateCraft because:
On-Time Building Occupancy
  • Engineering and product manufacturing expertise to help meet even the most challenging construction timelines
  • Certified compliance with IBC seismic requirements and available with California OSHPD Seismic pre-approval
  • Certified compliance for high velocity hurricane zone requirements including a Miami-Dade NOA
WaterFurnace Versatec Variable Speed Heat Pump
The Versatec Variable Speed Modular Chiller by WaterFurnace utilizes advanced variable speed technology to deliver industry-leading efficiencies and capacity control.

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Variable Capacity for Ultimate Efficiency
Variable capacity compressors are featured in the Versatec Variable Speed to offer the absolute best in efficiency and performance. Each model has a 25-100% capacity range or 4:1 turn down with load matching. Variable Speed systems provide high efficiency for maximizing LEED points.

Optimum Performance at all Conditions
By utilizing variable capacity compression and balanced port bidirectional electronic expansion valves, the Versatec Variable Speed provides the ultimate in temperature control and active dehumidification. Since the system varies itself, performance, comfort, temperature, and humidity are all controlled and at optimal levels.

Flexible Factory-Installed Options
WaterFurnace offers many convenient factory-installed options including a water side economizer that provides free cooling when the building conditions are correct. Other options are internally mounted secondary drain connections as well as internal water valves and/or flow regulators for variable speed pumping systems.
Unique Variable Speed Fan Benefits
WaterFurnace's dedicated 460-volt 5-Speed ECM doesn't require the use of a neutral, which reduces labor costs in retrofit applications and is unique to the industry. The Versatec Variable Speed features variable speed fan options to allow for low energy consumption, enhanced air delivery, and precise temperature control.
Reliability is Key
Long component life and reliability is vital in commercial applications. That's why we feature all-aluminum rifled tube-and-fin air coils as well as corrosion-proof composite or stainless steel drain pans to provide the building a long lifetime of reliable system operation.
Aurora Controls for Flexibility and Monitoring
Energy, refrigerant, and performance monitoring are featured in the Versatec Variable Speed products to provide insight into all aspects of system operation. Aurora allows connections with 4-wire thermostats while the UPC DDC allow for building automation using N2, BACnet, or LonWorks.
The Readers Corner
This is the Readers Corner. Included are a selection of white papers, case studies, videos and blogs from around the web and dedicated to HVAC equipment support.
ClimateCraft ACCESS™ Site-Assembled Replacement Air Handlers
The ClimateCraft® ACCESS™ air handler replacement solution is custom engineered and built to meet not only performance specifications, but also the most challenging installation requirements.
Interesting Case Studies, Blogs and White Papers
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