Greetings! The year soon will be coming to a close at the United Way of North Central Florida. With our final quarter ending and the new fiscal year beginning on  July 1st,  it is about that time for us to seat a new board, re-invigorate our staff and begin planning for the year ahead. This month is also special because it marks the beginning of what soon will be our next funding cycle. In 2013, your United Way took a brave new step toward how it funds local agencies doing great work in the community - we adopted the Impact Model. Basically, this model re-imagines the way United Way supports the community by basing its funding decisions on a community strategic plan and measured results in four key areas: Education, Income, Health and Immediate Needs. This plan lays out a detailed framework of goals and desired outcomes in those focus areas that our funded partner agencies use to report results. Your United Way then uses that data to track improvements across the strategic focus areas.

Right now, expert volunteers are canvassing the North Central Florida region, visiting programs submitted by United Way agencies. Soon, these volunteers will convene to review their findings and make program funding recommendations to the United Way Board of Directors. The final decision will comprise our funding commitments for the next three years, starting on the first day of the new fiscal year .

We are grateful for the dedication of our volunteers in helping us invest our donors' contributions in a responsible, transparent and accountable manner. It is because of this process, we can tell you that your investment is solid. When you invest in the United Way, you invest in your community and that is how we #LiveUnited!

Deborah V. Bowie, CCE, IOM
President & Chief Executive Officer
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