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  FALL School Planning in Spring          Edition Issue No.  114
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Parents who experience daily challenges enjoy reading written school communication that  is simple, relevant, to the point, easy to understand  and effective.

Academic success and social independence are the goals of many parents for their children.  Preschool and elementary school parents have obstacles, but many problems emulsify by the time children become middle school age.  This is a time when parents must be intentional and proactive with supervision and providing academic guidance for children's success. Open communication is "key" for engaged families and schools. Every parent long to hear comforting words of instructions from a voice  they love and trust.   "School Readiness for Parents & Children, K-12  speaks to the heart of parents,  in a voice they not only HEAR, but also appreciate.   Buy Now!



Wanda J.R. Prowell

Speak the Language that   C A R E S
Hear Me Before You . .

I wish that every parent and guardian would realize the awesome position they hold, their authority, and their impact and influence on children.  Regardless of parents physical, emotional, intellectual, and social abilities, educators welcome and honor you as parents.  YOU are the connecting element for the success of your child. Parents and school staff must works together to identify the necessary intervention plan.  When it is all said and done, your engagement and the love climate of the school sends a direct message to the student.  PROUD  children become  SUCCESS STUDENTS. 



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Parents, Stressed Beyond to Balance Home, School, Work and Church


Dress for success, communicate to win, sports & scholarships, academic scholarship, bible study and youth group training, tutorials, private lessons, practice, events, part time job  . . .  and the list goes on.   Goals are important, but learning how to set priorities and understanding their consequences must be communicated and demonstrated by the family leader.  Everything that we will every do in life is directly related to prioritizing.  Each student should be able to analyze the demands of his / her present goals as they relate to future families and careers.  The opposite of STRESS is relaxation; REJECTION is acceptance; FATIGUE, MEMORY LOSS, EDGY is rest!


Time management plays a major factor.  Consider all the wellness attributes as they relate to time and seasons of life.  Our children must be the priority!  They will only be children for a very short time and have graduated before you know it.  Children's graduation and marriage bring parents the greatest joy and peace in mind when "TIME" has been invested.  In the eyes of children K-12  love  is spelled  T I M E.

School Readiness for Parents & Children, K-12       ISBN  978-0-615-54346-8
Chapter include: 
Why children try to fit in;  Count up the cost;  Who am I? ;  Home is where the heart is

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