September 11, 2020

520 Washington Avenue
Savannah, Georgia 31405
The festive songs of Moses and Miriam set the tempo for Rally Day worship on Sunday,
September 13 at 9:00 a.m. Their songs celebrate the deliverance of Israel from bondage. It is
praise functioning as both adoration and as witness, as an honoring of God and as a witness
about God before all the world. The sermon, “The Horse and the Rider,” uses the text, Exodus
15:1-10, 20-21.

A simple report of a group of enslaved people escaping from Egypt would have put the fear of
God in few, if any. But if that escape is interpreted in terms of God hearing and heeding the
cries of the oppressed, then we live in a world alive with divine purpose. Their songs of praise
insist God is the decisive factor in their rescue from Pharaoh’s army.

In-person worship will include social distancing guidelines, mask wearing and no congregational singing. The names of people who have been members at First for fifty years or more will be read by Olivia Roe, herself a fourth generation member of the church. Helen Parker is the longest time member, joining in 1934.
The soloist will be Tegan Miller, who recently relocated to Savannah from New York City. Tegan Miller is a conductor, music director and performer, and she teaches at her MTC Music Academy. She received the People's Choice Award at the American Traditions Competition in February. Accompanied by her husband, Assaf Gleizner, she will sing, "Oh! Had I Jubal"
from the Handel oratorio, “Joshua.”
The worship service will be streamed on our Facebook Page and later posted on the church website. The Zoom Sunday School class will convene at 10:30 – 11:30 a.m. Registration is required for the service of worship. Email . Also, email her to request a Zoom link for the class.