June is around the corner, which means Father’s Day, the cool summer on the Mendocino Coast (unlike most everywhere else), a long-awaited visit from dear friends, and all those things that keep us busy at Hock Tools.

In this newsletter we share with you a note we received from Richard McCormick. Though I’m not a woodworker, Richard and I have in common the profound influence of James Krenov. Krenov’s writing and teaching have ignited many thousands of woodworkers’ passion for the craft. And he launched my blade-making career -- Hock Tools started out by supplying JK and his students’ blades for their wooden handplanes. If you’ve been a student of Krenov, either in person or literarily, I think you’ll appreciate Richard’s heartfelt telling of his path to craft.

Linda thinks it’s time to mention our carving tools. She has this thing about her Hock Tools #CK100 that she uses in the kitchen. The other thing about our carving knives, any or all five of them, is that they are the perfect Father’s Day gift, or belated Mother’s Day gift – your choice!

Of course, if there’s anything you need from Hock Tools, please let me know.