June 16, 2019


The Planning Commission public hearing on resolution 20-27 on June 9, 2020 at 9am heard hours of testimony opposing the reduction of caps. There were about 20 oral testimony given in opposition, and two in favor. Thank you to everyone who gave their testimony. One of the testimonies in support of the resolution was Councilwoman Tamara Paltin, whose committee brought forth this resolution, and who will also be voting on the resolution. For those who sent a copy to MVRA, I counted 42 letters in opposition of this resolution, none in support. The planning commission remarked it was the largest attendance that they had ever seen in a meeting, at 150 participants on the bluejeans system. It seems that the system caps out at 150 participants, I know there were people digitally getting kicked out of the meeting, or not able to attend because of the limitations. Thank you for trying.
Our attorneys at Revere & Associates prepared and submitted a letter of opposition to the Planning Commission and County Council regarding resolution 20-27. You can see a copy of that letter by clicking here .

After hours of testimony the public hearing on resolution 20-27 was recessed until the next meeting. The Planning Department erroneously published a public testimony call in number that did not work, so while they rectify that matter there is still time for more written and oral testimony. For some examples of testimony and where to send it click here .

Planning Commission Chair Lawrence Carnicelli brought up a serious issue with the resolution, and that is that it was written and proposed pre-COVID19, and he brought the broader question forth, do we need to perhaps pause this resolution, given the current situation. Commissioner P. Denise La Costa said she would like more data and statistics on the matter. Commissioner Kawika Freitas was in favor of the Resolution. Commissioner Dale Thompson suggested that a compromise could be made, if we lower the caps, but give a grace period, or fee for any that expire so that those permittees do not have to re-apply. Commissioner Stephe Castro suggested screening applicants better might help, while Commissioner Christian Tacket said this is not a great time for recommending the resolution. 
Next week’s Planning Commission meeting will be held Tuesday, June 23 beginning at 9:00 am, but there are 7 items on the Commission’s agenda with the continuation of the public hearing for the cap on short term rental home permits scheduled to begin NO EARLIER than 1:00 pm. The commission will likely not get to it until after 3:00 pm, given the number and complexity of the items before it. Here is a link to the next meeting agenda: the permit cap item is listed as item G-1 https://www.mauicounty.gov/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/27409

Look for the video of last weeks meeting here, https://www.akaku.org/boards-commissions/ . The video was not available as of today, but will be posted there.
Maui Vacation Rental Survey

I have a big favor to ask. We would love to get some more data on our Maui Vacation Rental industry. As evidenced in the recent planning commission meeting, our community needs more information on this important industry and its workforce. We created a new survey for participants in the Vacation Rental business to fill out. It should take around 10 minutes. Please take a moment to fill out the survey. If you know someone you could share it with please do! The bigger our data set the better.
Legal Fund
We are actively watching the administration’s activities and remain concerned about discrimination against vacation rentals as well as threatened property rights. If you want to continue fighting for your property rights to be a vacation rental on Maui then please consider contributing to our legal fund. We continue to work on the legal arguments, phone calls, relationships and strategies for keeping your businesses from being discriminated against during the pandemic and into the future.  Please join our legal fund today by  clicking here  to contribute so that we can continue to be well prepared. Mahalo to those who have contributed already.
Join Us
MVRA needs you now more than ever. Our voices are stronger together. We continue to advocate for the Vacation Rental industry in this challenging landscape. We don’t simply want to reopen our vacation rentals, but we want to also retain the legal process to rent. We have a good system with a lot of benefits for our community. With our local government discriminating against rentals with no good cause, and proposing to pass legislation that reduces or eliminates property rights our work is more important that ever before. Since 2001 Maui Vacation Rental Association has been the non profit publicly supporting the rights of Maui property owners, small businesses, management companies, and managers. We know our work is more critical than ever. Thank you for supporting, engaging and being a part of this organization. 

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Jen Russo
Executive Director