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December 2015

A lot of long days and late hours are cranked out here at StUn in order to perfect your films. We're constantly working, working, working inside our sound "caves". In fact, we hardly  ever get out. Ok, so we're a little excited for the big release tomorrow... and we got caught! 

StUn Wrap-Up:  CUCALORUS 2015!    

From the desk of Managing Partner, Jaime Horrigan:

For the third year in a row,   Studio Unknown took the trip to Wilmington, NC for what we've quickly learned is a favorite fest among filmmakers from literally all over the world. And this year, we had the distinct pleasure of getting to celebrate the festival's 21st birthday!

What's so great about Cucalorus? For starters, it's fun! Not just "I had a good time" fun.....I'm talking brunch at midnight while wearing glow-rings and watching snippets of classic films repeat on screens all over the place in a rock club while live bands played and hula-hoop dancers took over the dance floor - fun. Or how about a 21st birthday party that lasted exactly 21 minutes, in the middle of the day, at a non-descript location? Where you get on an elevator and a man hands you some Jameson and pickle juice that you drink as soon as the elevator doors open to a NYC style loft DJ'd dance party, with a large clock projected onto the wall counting down the 21 minutes of fun - fun.

Image Courtesy Of Saben Kane. .


As promised, this month's blog comes from Matt Davies, Partner and Supervising Sound Effects Editor here at Studio Unknown

In our November newsletter we highlighted the release of Rowish Production's ALTERED MINDS, and as mentioned, this month our blog highlights what went into the sound this incredibly dark film.

Altered Minds is a psychological thriller exploring dark secrets of the adopted family of a retired government psychiatrist. Like most family gatherings, a bit of drama is prerequisite and expected - but throw in Tommy, their estranged horror novelist son looking for answers from repressed memories, and things descend into darkness pretty quickly.

As a Sound Designer the film contains a treasure trove of themes and opportunities to use sound as a strong storytelling device. The film takes place in a primary location, in the winter, as a snow storm starts to bare down. Tensions are high before the storm hits, and once it does, continues to build as the family is forced to confront both each other and their own traumatic memories.

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