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NAASF played host to a standing-room only crowd earlier this week as we offered our Annual Franchisee Conference in Las Vegas. Here's a topline of what was covered, and we look forward to seeing everyone in a few months in... (to be announced -- keep an eye out for the news!).

The Board held its winter Board meeting on February 25, covering a variety of topics and issues. They discussed a variety of topics, including an updated dues and benefits offering, system discounts and their impact on franchisee profitability, legislation that affects small business owners, overall system profitability and how it can be affected system changes. The Board also had an eye on its next meeting and discussed those logistics. NAASF heard information from partner Amazon Business and from LVT, who presented information on anti-theft equipment for franchisees.
 What a productive, informative and timely meeting. Excellent job! I enjoyed connecting with fellow franchisees and networking with speakers and vendors.

~ NAASF Member and MUO from Connecticut
Annual Franchisee Conference
On the morning of February 26, the Annual Franchisee Conference kicked off with NAASF vendor partners exhibiting their goods and services to attendees. Chairman Bill Mathis introduced Jonathan Maze of Restaurant Business, who presented, "Restaurants 2024: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly". Jonathan's comprehensive, data-driven presentation was a fresh and factual look at the QSR industry today and in the future.

A truly unique sharing of information was had during the next session, "Ask the Franchise Attorneys:  The Shifting Sands of Franchise Law in America." NAASF General Counsel Ron Gardner was joined by two of his fellow attorneys, Scott Korzenowski and Andrew Malzahn. They talked broadly about issues facing franchisees, providing insightful examples from other franchise systems and taking questions on myriad issues from the audience.

J. Hagood Tighe, from labor lawfirm Fisher Phillips, shared important information in his presentation, "The Latest Employment Law Developments Impacting Franchisees." He covered issues pertaining to accommodating employees (due to disability, religion, and more); he provided a U.S. Department of Labor update (new independent contractor rule and changes to overtime; how to legally respond to union activity; the tip credit notice requirement; tip pooling; employment of minors; employee handbook updates, and more.

IPC President Kirsten Michulka attended and shared information regarding food cost outlook and trends; the variable weights of unsliced proteins; Sidekick availability; the Equipment Marketplace; equipment shipping costs; antitrust update; a one-time payment from VPS card program sale to Subway; third-party delivery antitrust opportunity, and more. Kirsten took questions from the audience as well.
NAASF Legal/Business Update
A franchisee-only segment featured NAASF’s General Counsel, who shared information on many topics, including but not limited to franchising at large, the ongoing Visa/MasterCard settlement, the Corporate Transparency Act, the potential change in company ownership, remodels and lease/sync issues, and much more.

Both Ron Gardner and Andrew Malzahn then took attendees’ questions for the remainder of the session.
NAASF is a priceless asset to Subway Franchisees; we need them more now than ever before. The franchisee voice is powerful in numbers--support NAASF today!

~ NAASF Member and MUO from Maryland
Franchisee Town Hall / Open-Microphone Session
After a brief break, a Franchisee Town Hall allowed owners to ask questions of the NAASF Board and Staff and of IPC. Owners were able to pose questions for over an hour. A positive exchange of information took place, with clarity provided to those asking questions of the representatives. 
Time to Mix and Mingle!
After a productive and enlightening day at the NAASF Conference, attendees enjoyed a festive cocktail party, surrounded by the incredible vendor partners of NAASF. The atmosphere was vibrant and filled with excitement as industry leaders and professionals mingled and connected over drinks and delicious appetizers. It was the perfect opportunity to unwind, relax, and build new relationships in a more casual setting. The cocktail party provided a seamless transition from a day of learning to an evening of fun, as attendees prepared to explore the city!
Our Valued Partners
We couldn't have done it without you! A huge thank you to all of our amazing partners who went above and beyond to make our event a smashing success. Our partners' support and dedication to the brand were instrumental in bringing our vision for this Conference to life, and we are so grateful for their continued support!
Resources from NAASF Conference Available to Members

Whether you attended the Conference or couldn't make it to this one (see you soon!), we've posted the presentations to our site HERE so you can read/download them at your leisure.

You'll need your NAASF log in to access the page; if you need assistance, please reach out to us at [email protected] or call toll free (866) 590.9865.
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