~ May 27, 2021 ~
Education & Industry Forum on Financial Services Culture: Kerryann Benjamin, Christina Parajon Skinner
"Yes, it's important to think about risk, but sometimes the compliance team is too cautious. That's when you need to step up for your client, got it?" In this case, a junior analyst is caught between supervisor expectations and a hard deadline. How can he deliver on the project without running afoul of compliance issues?
Chief Executive: Dan Bigman, Robert Livingston
"When it comes to creating racial equity in the workplace, what works and what doesn't? And what are the real lessons for those looking to be more effective in leading their workplaces?" (also see Business Roundtable's statement on Police Reform)
ProMarket: Jan Eeckhout, Asher Schechter
The broad consequences of concentrated market power: Decades of rising worker productivity and corporate profits should have translated into higher wages. Why hasn't it?
NPR: Camila Domonoske
"Investors are no longer standing on the sidelines": In the arena of climate change, can economic arguments succeed where ideological approaches have not? (also see A Glimpse of a Future With True Shareholder Democracy)
Chicago Booth Review: Amy Merrick
"Whatever view a manager may take of the Friedman doctrine, few businesses can remain willfully agnostic about whether they have a social purpose": What place does the shareholder perspective have in an economy where "many customers now expect businesses to demonstrate their values"?
The Irish Times: Tanusree Jain, Julian Friedland
What would it mean for business schools "to take the bull by the horns and reposition themselves with social purpose fixed firmly at the centre of their missions"? (also see MBA Programs Nurture the Human Side of Leadership)
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