We were recently asked by a resident what we had done for the village during our tenures on the Village Board over the past twenty years. We were happy to be able to provide the following - which is only a partial list - that details some of our most significant accomplishments:

1.Creation of four historic districts
2.Timber frame construction preservation legislation
3.Lower Speed limits on residential roads
4.Weight limits on residential roads to eliminate large truck traffic
5.Zoning changes to setbacks and roof lines to eliminate massing
6.Noise ordinances to control construction and landscaping noise
7.Creation of the Pantigo green
8.Preservation and renovation of the Isaac Osborne House used for village offices
9.Careful budgeting and spending resulting in Aa1 Moody’s credit rating
New staffing:
a: Two additional code enforcement officers
b: Position of Captain in PD
c: Two full time medical staff for EMS - providing 24/7 coverage to supplement our volunteer ambulance corps.
d: Secretary for Fire Inspector/Fire Department
e: Full time Planner
f: Full time Director of Historic Services
11.Solar installations on EMS and DPW buildings
12.Purchase of Gardiner Home Lot and Cottage for scenic vista and historic home restoration, now a museum
13.Scenic easement on Moran House & Studio
14.Purchase of 81 Ocean Ave for scenic vista and elimination of septic near Hook pond
15.Water Quality Initiatives
16.Joint projects with Town
a: Coastal Erosion Study
b: Joint Fuel Facility
c: Joint Traffic Task Force
d: Fire/ambulance sub-station in Northwest
17.Land purchase for addition to Herrick Park
18.Legislation to control clutter from free magazines and newspapers in commercial core
19.Working closely with county, state, staff, residents, retail, and restaurants during COVID-19 pandemic
20.Creation and acceptance of Comprehensive Plan for planning purposes
21.Deer management program
22.Traffic calming measures with round-about at Buell Lane, Toilsome Lane, and Rt 114 intersection 

These have been busy years for the Village Board and many initiatives have been adopted which have improved the quality of life for village residents.

The residents of this village are always our first priority because we live here too. We listen to their concerns and we act on them.

The years ahead will be equally as challenging and important as we face constant pressure to monetize and commercialize our home.

Please vote carefully in this year’s election because the future of East Hampton Village depends on it. 
Pictures by Richard Lewin