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What I Really Like About "The Black-Owned Business Portal" -
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Jan. 24, 2017

by Syndicated Columnist Cathy Harris, DearCathy.com

Unlike most business owners, I only got into business ownership after my retirement from the "U.S. Customs Service" in 2005.  Despite my first book being released in 2001,  "Flying While Black: A Whistleblower's Story - The Plight of a Black Woman Who Exposed the Customs Service,"  I just did not know enough to call myself a business owner until 2005, four years later.
When I first became a business owner in 2005 in Atlanta, I was living in Dekalb County, GA, which was the largest African American county in the U.S. I was excited to have a book released and I was giving my writing and business seminars, so I had products and services.

When I first started my empowerment and publishing company, AngelsPress.com,  I thought about starting my own black chamber of commerce.  The reason for this was that I saw so many African American business owners that had no idea of how business really worked so I wanted to help them. 

But first I wanted to conduct my own research, which is the first stage of starting a business, and this meant checking out other business groups in the area.  I looked at possibly joining local business groups but after visiting over 30 groups in the area that dealt with business owners, especially black businesses, I knew none of these groups where where I needed to be until I found the "Atlanta Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce" (AMBCC).
All the business groups I had visited up until that time were polluted with Network and Multi-Level Marketers, not just on the ground but also on the internet, so it was hard to find legitimate and ethical black businesses. 

I have been building an online network since Oct. 1998, and most people in my network know that I am not a big fan of Network and Multi-Level Marketing ventures (aka Pyramid Schemes). Atlanta especially seemed to the home of many of these types of illegal "fly-by-night" pyramid schemes.
So I was pleasantly surprised when the "Atlanta Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce," would make announcements at their meetings, that if you are dealing with Network and Multi-Level Marketing ventures (aka Pyramid Schemes), then they would rather you not join their business group.
I thought that it was a brave and courageous act by this business group and mostly I was surprised that they felt exactly like me, so I had found a home, a business group that could not only help me grow my business, but where I could be a major part of their network. 

I did not join the group right away because I was thinking about leaving the city, but I did, however, continue to go to their monthly meetings and pay the $15.00, which was well-worth it.

Now after all these years, and living in a new city, Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, I finally found another "ethical" and "serious" black business group, the "Black-Owned Business Portal" , another group of brave business owners who are saying the same thing - that they do not highlight Network and Multi-Level Marketing businesses, unless they are "black-owned." And we all know that none of these illegal pyramid schemes are "black-owned."

So when I found this group a few months ago, not only did I join but I have been telling everyone that I know about this national black-owned business group. They currently have 28 groups and you can go on their facebook.com groups and post your advertisements for free. 
Just some of the facebook.com groups include:
What is so ironic is that the "Atlanta Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce" and the "Black-Owned Business Portal," were both started by black males in their late 30s.  Most people think that when they are in their late 30s or 40s, that they are too old to start a business so again I loved the energy and spirit of these two black male entrepreneurs.
It's a joy to watch the founder and owner, Jack Standokes, from the Black-Owned Business Portal, get out there and do his own thing with his website, facebook.com groups and events.  He said he initially started his business group to help black business owners, especially after 5 Dallas police officers were killed by a black male, so he is "walking the walk" and doing his part.
Jack clearly realizes that business ownership is not only the way out for black folks but it's also the way forward. What I also like about the "Black-Owned Business Portal"  is that they return texts, emails and phone calls, which is my "Pet Peeve," unlike many business owners today, despite the fact that many business owners are carrying "hand-held" devices, which would make this much easier.
Remember to be a successful business owner, it will be essential for you to form business alliances, strategic partnerships and co-ops with other business owners, especially those you meet in "ethical" business groups.

Not only should you be a part of a serious business group, you should also have your own business network such as " Angels Press Business Network" -- where you can refer other businesses.

So if you live in Atlanta, GA, check out the black business group "Atlanta Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce"  and nationally, especially the Dallas-Fort Worth area, check out the "Black-Owned Business Portal" However, don't forget that n ot everyone can start a business, so some folks will have to work for others. 

Cathy Harris is known as "The Ethical Black Business Coach." She is also an Empowerment and Motivational Speaker, Non-GMO Health and Wellness Expert, Advice Columnist at DearCathy.com, Self-Publishing and Business Coach. She is the author of 23 non-fiction books, including 2 business books, "The New CEO: 185 Easy-To-Set Up Businesses for Youth and Adult Entrepreneurs" and "How To Take Control of Your Own Life: A Self-Help Guide To Starting Your Own Business." She provides seminars, workshops, webinars and consultations through her speaking and training platforms at  http://www.CathyHarrisInternational.com  and can be reach through her empowerment company, Angels Press, CEO, President, Publisher, P.O. Box 800511, Dallas, TX 75380, Phone: (512) 909-7365, Website:  http://www.AngelsPress.com  , Email: info@angelspress.com.  
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