Rainy Days Bring Diamonds
Restrictions are slowly beginning to lessen during this COVID time and as we adjust to yet another way of being, how do we summon our strength and endurance to go further and beyond? Asking what if my life could be different, what if I continued to take this time to go deeper within; what if I choose to address my own pain and suffering so that it may free not only myself, but the world? What if we could see the diamonds that rainy days bring?

The Camel pose is a symbol of endurance as we continue on this uncertain journey. As you move into this asana, allow it to fuel you.
Joanna Macy is a long-time activist, Buddhist scholar and philosopher of general systems theory and deep ecology. In this relevant 2007 Ascent interview she explores the healing of ourselves and the earth. You can also watch her recent 2020 YouTube interview, Pandemic As A Practice .
What does it take to walk the spiritual path? The journey can be long, the load heavy and fantasies quickly dispelled like mirages. But with time and practice, we can learn to trust our inner resources and keep on going, like a camel in the desert.

Join Swami Lalitananda in this archived Ascent Magazine article.
We are in the midst of a great turning and it is an auspicious time to be alive. Through empathy and compassion — connecting with ourselves and others — we are consciously turning a critical, troubled time in the history of humankind into a life-enriching and life-sustaining interrelationship with the world.