What If They Could Hear Your Voice Again?
We are excited to announce a new step in our estate planning process - the Legacy Video.

Your estate plan can be so much more than just papers in a binder!

Watch this short compilation, and just imagine how this new feature could mean so much to your loved ones.
Thanks to Derek Graham, Logan Philipps and their lovely wives
for their willingness to share these special moments with us.
Please send us an email if you'd like to learn more.
Be sure to read this great blog post written by Logan Philipps to see why this new feature of our planning process is extra meaningful to him.
There's a new version of our book Planning for Bright Tomorrows - Estate and Future Planning for Ohioans with Disabilities and Those Who Love Them. Click here to view the pdf publication.
Why Should People Avoid Probate Court?
We often hear our clients say:
“I want to avoid Probate Court.”

It's usually because they've heard from a financial advisor, another family member or a friend that they should avoid it - but they don't always understand WHY. Check out this helpful blog post to gain a better understanding of Probate.
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