August 15th, 2020 Vending Technology News
By Jeff Adair, Editor

Covid-19 has changed the business world in many ways but the big question is what impact will it have on the connected vending machine market?

An Industry Moving Forward

The technology that has revolutionized the Connected Vending industry was already available 20 years ago but some mainstream operators in the vending industry were hesitant to embrace the change.

By 2014, less than 20 percent of the global installed vending machine base could be classified as ‘connected vending’, since under 200 units were connected and most vending machines still utilized technology from the 20th century.  

Refrigeration is by far the most important part of every micro–market because if the food and beverages in the micro–market aren’t kept cold, the operator is going to lose business.

True Manufacturing is an industry leader in commercial refrigeration since 1945, specializes in the latest refrigeration technology that’s used in kitchens, restaurants, and micro–markets around the world.

With True refrigeration, vending operators can have confidence that the beverages and foods that they sell in their micro–markets are always going to be fresh, cold, and ready for consumers to ‘grab and go’.  

As more consumers around the world are demanding contactless ways to pay for the food and beverages that they want, kiosks have become more important than ever before.  

Kiosks offer consumers can order food, beverages, or products without having to physically interaction with another human being.

Advanced Kiosks has led the way at developing the latest kiosk technology to meet the demand of customers in the Covid-19 world. The company has an in-house team of engineers and designers, with more than 20 years of experience, designing kiosks for companies around the world.

What Can a Kiosk Do for Businesses?

Kiosks can be found almost everywhere in 2020, especially in quick–service restaurants and micro–markets. They make it possible for customers to order the products and foods that they want, quickly and efficiently, compared to the amount of time that it would take them to order from a physical employee. 

Fastcorp is adding Vagabond’s #TrulyTouchless capabilities to new DIVI machines. With the addition, Fastcorp becomes the latest of a number of manufacturers offering a touchless solution to vending operators during the current health climate.

The touchess mobile cashless technology enables consumers to remotely view the menu of available options, plus detailed product information including nutrition info, before securely purchasing through the vīv app on their smartphones. The DIVI machine, which features Fastcorp’s patented robotics technology, is available in various machine configurations including frozen, refrigerated or ambient models, allowing customers to sell a wide range of consumer products, not just food, snacks or beverages.

Vagabond’s touchless cashless vīv platform provides a payment solution more secure than cash, swipe, or EMV technology. Operators of the DIVI machines can directly engage consumers at a personal level, email about product specials, schedule happy hours to reduce spoilage and/or increase sales and remotely adjust product prices at any time. Operators no longer need to worry about updating any payments hardware in the future as consumers keep their own smartphones up to date. 

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