This week on The 21st: why families with children are still pretty far from the end of the pandemic, a new perspective on how Abraham Lincoln thought in private, and an on-location tour of “NOIR,” a new temporary exhibit at the Illinois State Museum.

Below you’ll also find conversations on the growing need for foster parents in Illinois, a recap of the mad rush to close the Illinois General Assembly’s spring session, and an interview with the state’s public health director.
The 21st spoke with Illinois Director of Public Health Ngozi Ezike about the new masking guidelines, vaccination rates and the state’s path to reopening.

More young people are entering the foster care system in Illinois, and the need for foster parents is expected to grow over the next year because of the pandemic. The 21st heard from advocates in the state about what it’s like to foster and be in foster care. 

"I really enjoyed the fostering in the pandemic segment this week. A part that stuck out to me was when Leyda talked about how there needs to be someone who can help foster kids smoothly transition when they transfer schools after she shared her experience switching to many schools while she was a foster child. It was an interesting conversation and we had some great guests." — Brielle Scullark, Assistant Producing Intern

The 21st host Brian Mackey visited the Illinois State Museum to see a new, temporary art exhibit. It’s called “Noir,” the French word for Black. The exhibit is meant to celebrate Black lives through art. It’s a collaboration between the museum and the Springfield organization Juneteenth, Inc.

"After more than a year of hosting the show from home, it was great to talk with people face-to-face, or at least mask-to-mask. As more Illinoisans get the COVID vaccine, I hope we can bring listeners with us into the field more often." — Brian Mackey, Host of The 21st Show
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