Kitchen Remodeling Does Not Have to Be a Daunting Task!

In the beginning stages, it is helpful (and fun) to start discovering what style kitchen best fits your personality and will be both welcoming and functional.

Here is some kitchen inspiration to get your creative juices flowing and bring you closer to knowing what your dream kitchen might look like!

This kitchen style has become increasingly popular in recent years, as it is flexible in design, and doesn't conform to be fully traditional, farmhouse, or modern.

Characteristic of transitional kitchens are elements like shaker style cabinets, linen paint, subway tile, and a spacious, open feel.

There is some contrast in color and texture, but the overall aesthetic is monochromatic, which is versatile in terms of decorating for holidays, when a variety of primary colors come into play (specifically around Christmas).

* PRO TIP: If your house is west-facing, add windows or opt for lighter cabinets and the monochromatic approach.

* PRO TIP 2: Aged brass lends a luxurious feel - this is seen in the vent hood in the first photo above, but also can be achieved through cabinet pulls.
Modern Classic

You can almost always spot this design by it's long, straight lines and sleek profile.

Generally, you'll see this architectural design complemented by lucite or midcentury furniture, often inspired by designers such as Eames.

You'll also notice a lack of frills or delicate details that are often used to decorate old world or traditional style kitchens. It is a more masculine design and has cooler or neutral tones vs. warm tones that are usually seen in french country designs.

Though there are no hard and fast "rules" to a traditional kitchen, there are specific design concepts which contribute to the overall classic feel.

Typically, colors will be warm, soft, or muted. Additionally, it is common in a traditional kitchen to mix and match paints and stains.

You will also often find natural materials in a traditional kitchen, with wood grain showing intentionally. Cabinets can be set at staggering heights, and fabric can be introduced to bring in color and patterns (ex. a cushion on a bay window seat, or a curtain panel above the sink).

Vintage kitchens feature bold, dark colors and lots of contrast. There are usually industrial-grade appliances that add to the feel and historical application of kitchens being purely functional and utilitarian, as opposed to social as they are now.
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