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How To Heat Solution in a Deep Tank
One of the most common challenges customers face is heating solution in deep tanks that don't have flange or screw plug couplings.

We recommend Deep Tank Heaters.

These can be designed to fit any tank that has a manhole or other opening at the top, either above or below grade.

This not only saves you on installation time and cost, but is easy to remove for cleaning without having to empty the tank first.

Deep Tank Heaters can be manufactured in various design configurations, but typically have a long vertical riser with a terminal enclosure at the top, with straight, circular, or “L”-shaped element configuration at the bottom. The vertical riser and mounting provisions can be modified to fit your unique requirements.
Customizable Features
Watt density (heat output) and alloys used can be customized to meet the demands of your specific solution.
Materials include 304 and 316 Stainless Steel, Incoloy 800, and Titanium. Other specialty materials are available such as Monel, Hastelloy and Nickel.
Deep Tank Heaters have been purchased for quenching oil tanks, hard chrome hydraulic cylinder plating, long Aerospace parts, and everything in between.
Deep Tank Heaters can be equipped with temperature and control devices. Liquid level controls are strongly recommended.
Tank levels must be monitored with using deep tank heaters, so a liquid level control, paired with a design that keeps the heat at the bottom of the tank with an unheated vertical riser, is paramount.
Your heater can also be customized to work with the voltage you have available.
To keep the wiring safe, rugged terminal enclosures that are water and dust tight (NEMA 4) or, for hazardous locations, (NEMA 4/7/9) explosion-proof enclosures, are suggested.
Take a Look at What Three 13 Foot Tall Deep Tank Heaters Look Like
Our goal is to find you the best solution for your process heating application.

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