A HUGE Thank You to everyone who came out to support Porch View Dances 2016. It was such a success all because of you!

Porch View Dances would not be here without the brilliance of Karen Kaeja's mind when she looked out her front window. Porch View Dances, further develop with Allen Kaeja has been thriving year to year with the lead of it's vivacious and hilarious Tour Guide Maurycy.

First of all, Thank you to the amazing families for all your time, talent and hard work. Porch View Dances would not have been the same without you all. Thank you: Martha, Casey and Scott; Carolyn, Liz and Jain; Heather, Mariangela, Lief, Meredith, Celeste and Piers.

Special Thanks to the amazing group of Choreographers and Dancers we had help make this event beautiful: Karen & Allen Kaeja ( Kaeja d'Dance) Barbara Bourget & Jay Hirabayashi ( Kokoro Dance), Kate Alton ( Crooked Figure Dance), Jasmyn Fyffe ( Jasmyn Fyffe Dance), Amanda Pye, Tavia Christina, Lilia Leon, Ana Claudette Groppeler, Merideth Plumb, Leah, Phyllis and Dana. 

A special thanks to TD, Park People, Basecamp Climbing, Karma Food Co-Op and Lakeshore Arts for being amazing Community Hosts and volunteering their time.

A BIG Thank you to all our amazing volunteers who spent tireless hours helping us get ready and make Porch View Dances a great experience for everyone.

Of course we cannot forget to thank the 14 Division Toronto Police, Community Response Unit for keeping us all safe on our amazing journey each night through Seaton Village.

Thank you Councillor Joe Cressy and your wonderful team in the office for all your help.

Last but not least, our amazing technical crew, photographers and staff who kept Porch View Dances running without a hitch: Sharon DiGenova, Shanna Miller, Shana Hillman, Nadine Villasin Feldman, Andee Fisher, Josh Murphy, Sue Edworthy Arts Planning, Aria Evans and Monica Salazar Arcila.

Click HERE to see photos/videos posted by the public and stay tuned to our social media for more to come from us!

INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING NEXT YEAR?? Email us now to join the list of interested families for PVD 2017! urban@kaeja.org 

We are very proud to announce Downtown Dances in Moncton next month! This project is the FIRST of it's kind and is sure to be huge!
Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada is undertaking an artistic intervention to re-introduce the citizens of Moncton to their downtown and to image what the downtown core of the future can be. Inspired by Porch View Dances, Just Dance J/F and our community engagement work, Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada is partnering with Kaeja next month on a c reative journey.

On August 18th from 11am-2pm, Downtown Dances will reintroduce the community to the downtown in a completely new way through dance; envisioning the businesses and the downtown core as a vibrant, living creative entity rich with the stories of people who work there every day. Karen Kaeja and Allen Kaeja are in creation mode as we speak for Moncton.

The City of Moncton / Ville de Moncton also has a new downtown centre scheduled to open in 2018 and this is a great way to help begin the rebuilding process!  
For more Info on Downtown Dances, please Contact: operations@atlanticballet.ca 
Are you interested in the performing arts (dance especially), love community engagement, are looking to develop your skills and contribute to a great organization at the same time?

Kaeja d'Dance is looking for a few new board members to join our team of eager senior volunteers.

If you or someone you know is interested in a new board appointment please email our General Manager, Shana Hillman at shana@kaeja.org to set up an in person meeting to find out more about the time commitment and responsibilities.


OTHER COMMUNITY NEWS: MOonhORsE Dance Theatre presents JOE 

Karen recommends to get involved in this exciting community project at Older & Reckless #39 at Harbourfront's NextSteps in November 2016.

Joe Project Dates:
Workshops: Monday, November 7 & Tuesday, November 8, from 12- 4pm
3 Performances: Friday, Nov 11 at 8pm, Saturday, Nov 12 at 2pm & 8pm
- plus a run through with lights, Fri, Nov 11 at 4- 5pm prior to opening night
Venue: workshops and performances take place ON STAGE at Harbourfront Centre Theatre
Cost: EARLY BIRD $100 if you register before September 15 or $120 after that date
Participants must be available for all workshops and performances, as listed above.
To register, please contact Eve Schifman at eve@moonhorsedance.com

An excerpt of Joe, the late Jean Pierre Perreault's iconic contemporary dance work, will be taught to a cast of 20, offering participants a unique dance experience. The majority of the performers will be amateurs, along with several former Joe performers reviving their roles. With Joe, Perreault evokes both the anonymity of the group and the unique qualities of each individual through familiar aspects of his choreographic signature.
ABOUT JOE "It was in creating pieces for groups of students that Perreault discovered the formal and expressive possibilities of group choreography. In 1983, he made Joe for students in the dance department at Université du Québec à Montréal. It was performed by 24 non-professional dancers wearing black boots, dark raincoats and felt hats. Starting in 1984, professional productions with as many as 32 dancers revived the piece and toured the world. The last performance was in 2005.
Perreault was responsible for almost all aspects of Joe: choreography, set design, costumes and the percussive music produced by the dancers' steps on a stage wired for sound. With this work, he realized not only the evocative power of the group but also the dramatic impact of music. "It was with Joe that I really started working out a musical score in conjunction with the choreographic steps and began amplifying the sound made by the movements," Perreault later recalled. "So it is the choreography, the motions themselves, that produce some of the music."
In Joe, Perreault also continues exploring an expressive dimension that is a recurring theme in his work: the body's gravity as an emblem of the human condition. This masterfully structured piece speaks to our individual condition within the mass. However, the anonymity which is an overarching motif in Joe does not arise from the dancer's self-abnegation but rather from the synchronization of a collective quest." http://jeanpierreperreault.com/works/joe


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