What Keeps You From Sleep?

For many, a good night's sleep is far from easy. "Simple" snoring, Sleep Apnea, and UARS (Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome) are common conditions that restrict the amount of air you get while you sleep, preventing quality and restorative sleep. Obstructions in breathing while you sleep can vary greatly in severity from very mild snoring to severe stoppages in breathing, leading to drops in the blood oxygen level; this causes disruptions to your sleep and often prevents healing, restorative sleep.  (1) Many times, people are unaware they are not getting restorative sleep, they just feel tired, worn out, or may feel they didn't get enough sleep. Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome is also often misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia or similar disorders.  (2)
During sleep, the muscles of the airway (mouth, nose and throat), become relaxed. The relaxation of these muscles in turn reduces the diameter of the airway. Typically, the airway of a person with UARS is already restricted or reduced in size, and this natural relaxation reduces the airway further. Therefore, breathing becomes labored. It can be likened to trying to breathe through a straw.  (3)
"OSB" or Oral Systemic Balance is a drug free solution which supports breathing during sleep and during awake hours. It is a custom-made, removable oral appliance, similar to a retainer, which improves the jaw, tongue and upper throat function, often with dramatic results. OSB works to assist the tongue's shape, position, and function to support optimal positioning for breathing.
If you or anyone you know has sleep difficulties associated with snoring, sleep apnea, or Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome" (UARS), Oral Systemic Balance therapy can provide a natural and effective solution.
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Click to watch our video on Treating Sleep Apnea
Treating Sleep Apnea
Treating Sleep Apnea

Dr. Michael D. Margolis
Dr. Michael D. Margolis
Dr. Michael David Margolis, DDS, IMD (Doctor of Integrative Medicine), FIND (Fellow of Institute of Nutritional Dentistry) is a practicing Biological Dentist in Mesa, Arizona since 1984. Dr. Mike received his doctor of dental surgery degree (DDS) from the University of Texas Dental School in San Antonio Texas(1983) and his Doctor of Integrative Medicine from Capital University in Washington DC(2000). A former President of the International Academy of Integrative Medicine (, Dr. Mike is a member of the International Academy of Medical Toxicology (, the Holistic Dental Association ( and the Arizona Holistic Medical Association ( Dr. Mike has recently accepted the honor to serve as a member of the Advisory Board for the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, Tempe, AZ. Dr. Margolis has lectured nationally and internationally on Biological Dentistry, CAVITATâ„¢ technology use and clinical application.

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