Facebook Gets Hacked, Again
Facebook continues to make headlines for the wrong reasons. The social media giant recently confirmed that over 50 million accounts were directly hacked in a recent attack. They report that hackers gained full control over the accounts, but passwords and credit card information were not compromised. It is recommended that Facebook users review their logged-in locations, log out of everywhere and every device, and reset their passwords. 
Dunkin' Drops The Donuts
Most everyone has their favorite coffee shop stop before the morning shift. Dunkin’ Donuts fans will now be enjoying the same experience under a new name. Although they’ll continue to sell donuts, the Drum tells us the chain has taken on new branding and dropped "Donuts" to better represent the company’s coffee-centric branding. 
HBO KO's Boxing
For the better part of the last century, HBO was the home of boxing. After 45 years, the broadcaster is letting go of the prized fighting sport. HBO Sports said, “Boxing has been part of our heritage for decades. It is now widely available on a host of networks and streaming devices. From an entertainment point of view, it’s not unique.” Some speculate HBO got out of the game due to the rise of Showtime's boxing and consistency in 2017.
California Tries
To Save The Internet
After the federal government removed net neutrality, California Governor Jerry Brown drafted and signed his own bill into law. CCN Tech tells us the law provides the strictest net neutrality protections in the country. Internet providers can no longer slow down connection speeds based on content or charge fees for faster connections. The Department of Justice has since filed a lawsuit against the State of California for “subverting the federal government’s deregulatory approach.”
AI, Burger King
And A Guy Named Patti
Burger King has recently teamed up with comedy writer Keaton Patti for a handful of fun spots written by “artificial intelligence.” Patti is known for forcing a bot to watch thousands of hours of TV shows and commercials and then having the bot produce a script. In reality, Patti writes the scripts. That type of technology does not exist, yet. We can’t even get computers to recognize people on a highway, let alone consume media and produce a version of it. We’ve pulled a handful of our favorite spots from the campaign.
Shaky Video Is
A Fish Outta' Water
Everyone loves watching big flips and tricks. When Go Pro debuted, many were over-joyous; others were left with motion sickness after watching the shaky first camera view. Sport and adventure enthusiasts should rejoice, Go Pro has brought their crystal clear video quality and combined it with a built in stabilizer to produce shake-free video. Between selfie sticks and stabilizers, many have tried to capture the intensity, but it hasn’t been a go-to for advertisers. That may change with Hero 7 Black. Check out Go Pro's latest spot, all shot with the Hero.
One way credit unions give back and celebrate their members is through member appreciation events. There isn’t a set day, but it’s common to celebrate around International Credit Union Day or a significant date for the credit union like an anniversary. Our client, Honda Federal Credit Union, wanted to celebrate their annual meeting with a week long member appreciation event. They have nine branches in five states, so the campaign had to be relevant to multiple demographics. Since it's football season, we went with a tailgate theme. We called it "TailGreat Sweepstakes."

To kickoff the member appreciation event, we introduced multiple ways members could win over the course of a month. The winners would be announced during Honda FCU's Member Appreciation Week. Members who used their debit or credit card, accessed their accounts through Honda FCU's online banking, or went green with eStatements, were entered into a drawing for a Big Green Egg grill at each branch location. They could also win an Amazon gift card, for all their tailgate fun. It was an egg-citing time to be a Honda FCU member.

The campaign included large and small posters, large and small standees in the shape of the grill, handouts, postcards, web banners, and an email blast.

Honda FCU holds its annual meeting at a different plant each year, and this year it was in Lincoln, Alabama. We wanted to give the Alabama members a reason to come to the meeting and celebrate their membership. Arguably the largest college football rivalry in the country is between Auburn and the Crimson Tide. With our TailGreat Sweepstakes, it was a no-brainer to entice them with tickets to the game in November. It was a great fit.

But, the perfect fit goes to Honda FCU and Honda plant workers. At least that's the overall message we went with in their annual meeting video. It spotlighted some brief history about the state and the city, and all the achievements Lincoln plant workers and Honda FCU members have accomplished over the years.

The success of an ad and the effectiveness of an ad are two different things. Success is a more linear observation. Was the end result worth more than the initial investment, and did the campaign meet certain goals? If yes, the ad should be considered a success. ROI and all that jazz are marketing 101, and if you're reading this, you're probably well aware of that. So, the question becomes, what makes an effective ad? We've narrowed our criteria down into three simple principles .
“A man who stops advertising to save money,
is like a man who stops a clock to save time.”

– Henry Ford