Kurt and Wes installed a Salford Fertigo Dry fertilizer applicator in central Ohio this week on a Harvest International toolbar. This customer will use this to distribute dry fertilizer in a 2x2 fashion
This Case 2150 that Farmers Equipment from New Hampshire, OH sold got our new Dual Case fertilizer system
April 12th 2019

What an exciting time of year! This is the time of year where winter projects that were once simply ideas drawn out on paper hit the field and come to life! We had some awesome weather this week and we saw a lot of field work being done, hopefully things stay nice here for a while. Feel free to contact us for any parts needs. Call the shop at 419-953-8500 or text 419-852-5836

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What Makes Fennig Equipment Different
When we thing and talk about what makes Fennig Equipment different, it has little to do with the type of Iron we sell. It has more to do with the people behind the iron who make things go around. From our shop guys to our office staff and sales man, we feel our teams' knowledge and skillset cannot be found at any other dealership, which is what allows us to carry the equipment we do. Being a family owned business founded in 2009 we are unique in the way we treat our clients and the way we service our customers an community. This time of year everyone Is running different directions but at the end of the day we will go above and beyond to make sure our customers that believe in us are receiving not only top notch products, but also top notch service.
Spring Tillage Demo Options
We have a full fleet of tillage/application units available for spring demo prior to purchase! If you are interested in afield cultivator, fertilizer spreader, or VT tool give us a call. Here is a complete list of Tools available
5100 12'
1200 16'
550 field cultivator 30'
4100 hybrid tool 18'
4200 hybrid tool 20'
8708 fertilizer air boom
BBI fert. spreaders
Great Plains Turbo Max 18'

Cassie's Country Cupboard Weekly Recipe:

Egg Salad

Will you be coloring eggs for Easter? This recipe is the perfect way to use up any leftovers.
Easy Egg Salad
6 hard-boiled eggs, peeled and chopped
1/2 c. mayonnaise
1/4 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. pepper
1 medium stalk celery, chopped
1/4 c. onion, chopped

Carefully combine all ingredients. Chill for an hour before serving for best flavor. Serve on your choice of bread or on top of a bed of greens.

What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs
What a busy week! I think Kurt did fertilizer on 4 different planters this week. Mitch has been busy working on this Hagie machine, and in between time we have been assembling our Case Dual fertilizer units.
Yesterday Kurt and Adam traveled to Sunbury, OH to install in-furrow fertilizer on this Kinze 3600, adding 2 more tanks, a John Blue Pump, redballs, and Keeton Seed Firmers.
Mitch has a customers Hagie STS 14 in the shop replacing leg bushings, steering bushings, removing the foamer, and much more to get it ready for Spring.
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For Sale: Very nice 9 row DMI 3100 Applicator. Front cutter, mole knife, disc sealer combos. Unit is equipped with a Raven cooler system, has rear hitch and gauge wheels. Call for details
Thank you for your business
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