S'more Happiness!

Hi, there!

This is S'more the Elf, and I'm HAPPY!

Hopefully you are having a very
happy day,

You may be wondering how I can be THIS happy. Well.... right now,

I LOVE puppies! They are oh, so snuggly and wiggly and kissable.
I'm not the only one either. The pet ornaments in our store are one of the most popular style of ornaments we carry. So, YOU probably love them, too!
In fact, we will be featuring some pet ornaments in our online store later this week.

Here's a Sneak Peek of a new favorite!

The truth is that I am blessed to be daily surrounded by things to remind me of what makes me happy. The things themselves may make me smile, but are just a reminder of...
my own pets!
a funny joke!
my friends laughing!
my family spending time together!
funny things that have happened around me!
warm hugs that squeeze me to death!
snuggling a new baby!

I suggest you make a list of what makes you happy. I have a friend who writes five things every night in a notebook that she calls her gratitude journal. She tries to write different, specific things every night before bed. She says that she has become a much happier person for it. Mrs. C. has tried it and says it helps her fall asleep easier.

So, go be happy! In the words of a young shopper, "Just be joyful!" Or, in the words of 1 Thessalonians, "Celebrate Always!"

~S'more the Elf!

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