For Hock Tools a part of summer turns into fall before September equinox. The Krenov School Fall semester begins August 19th. One of the first things students learn there is to make their own wooden handplanes — that’s where we come in. One of my favorite things is to walk into The Krenov School with its 23 benches, each one owned for the year by an eager fine woodworking student. It all started there for me almost 38 years ago, and I still feel special being asked to come by with my box full of blades.

Seasoned woodworker Jim Dillon has taught for two decades at Highland Woodworking in Atlanta, Georgia. Just to keep us informed, Jim sent us this video produced by Highland about Hock bench plane blades. You probably have some idea how flattering this type of thing is. On top of that, Jim does a really great job of explaining our replacement blades for your bench planes. I hope you watch the video and read Jim’s answers to Linda’s questions about being at the bench as an instructor and as a woodworker.

Linda also found videos about bench plane restoration on YouTube. Tokyo based guitar maker and musician Barnaby Ralph’s restoration of a Stanley-Bailey #7 is spot on. I can’t believe I missed this one but am glad the lapse didn’t continue! My big wow came in the middle and again at the end of Part 2 , when Barnaby explains why he uses our replacement blades and breakers, then shows the five planes he’s beautifully restored. If you have or are considering restoring old Stanleys, Barnaby’s instructions will be helpful.

Of course, if there’s anything you need from Hock Tools, please let me know.