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Hypnosis training can be one of the most rewarding experiences one has.  Even if one has no intention of becoming a practicing hypnotist, the training will affect who you are and how you think about yourself in the most positive manner.  Clicking on the link below will take you to a page on our web site that gives a much longer explanation of what the course covers.  If you have any further questions you can of course always call. 

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I grew up with Alfred E. Newman and loved Mad Magazine but as a kid I didn't really understand the What - Me Worry motto. After all what does a kid have to worry about? Unless they are in an abusive family most kids just grow up doing the kinds of things kids do and relying on parents to take care of everything else without really thinking about it. A kid may be vaguely aware of parental worries but not really concerned; all of that changes as adulthood approaches. Then the way that the parents worry is suddenly at full force within the budding adult.   After that it just gets worse. Sound familiar?


Worries assail us all. It is an endless list as everyone knows. For most of us it is the normal worries of finances, relationships, health and whether or not we are making the right choices. We seek out reassurance in various ways, religion, psychology, wise friends, etc. And that is probably pretty normal stuff. For some of us though worries get obsessive. This can often be due to our early life's experiences and can be very difficult to get a handle on and control. This is where some form of intervention is very useful.


Having had quite a few people come to us with serious worries, we have found that a few hypnosis sessions can be really very helpful in providing the tools and techniques that can help us in shifting our minds from obsessive worries to more benign ways of feeling. To be quite honest we have been very pleasantly surprised at the results.


What? Me Worry! is actually a really good way to look at things. It's irreverent and doesn't take much of anything very seriously. Maybe the Mad Magazine crew are really onto something important.

Phillip Gowins 









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