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The Drug Free Coalition of Tippecanoe County
Invites you to the Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, April 4,  4:00 PM 
First Floor Conference Room
100 Saw Mill Road
Lafayette, IN 47905
March Meeting Minutes are available on our website.  Please review the minutes   prior to attending the meeting. 

We will hear verbal reports from Purdue School of Pharmacy/Student Wellness and West Lafayette Police Department.

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Public Meeting for Patient-Focused Drug Development on Opioid Use Disorder 
April 17, 2018

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is conducting a public meeting to gain first-hand accounts from those with Opioid Use Disorder (OUD), including the effects on their health, challenges or barriers to accessing treatments, and the greatest impact on daily life, to inform drug development efforts in this area. Although the in-person meeting will be held in Maryland, you will have a chance to view the webcast on April 17th for FREE. 

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RISE    Representative Spotlight

Each month the Drug-Free Coalition will spotlight one of our six 2017-2018 RISE representatives.  RISE stands for Role Models Impacting Student Excellence.  Click here   for more information about the RISE program and the 2016-2017 Representatives.  

Caroline Minjarez is a sophomore at Jefferson High School. She was nominated by Louanne Condreay, who describes her as a positive, creative, problem solver, that is known to put others before herself. Caroline has been working with her school to create a student organization called Girls United that will help girls build self-esteem and confidence in a welcoming environment. Caroline plays golf for her school, as well as singing in the varsity choir. No matter what situation Caroline is facing, you can bet that she's smiling the whole way! 

What Parents Need to Know about Juuling
One of the biggest topics right now in high school parent newsletters everywhere is the Juul. It's a popular e-cigarette system that looks a lot like a USB flash drive. Teens are getting away with it because the device is discreet, the "cloud" of smoke can be hidden in a sleeve, and the vapor smells sweet and fruity, unlike cigarette smoke. Among teens, e-cigarettes are more popular than traditional cigarettes, and the Juul brand is currently king. 

Here is what parents need to know about the e-cig of the moment:
  • The Juul is a long, slim vaporizer with disposable "pods" of nicotine juice. 
  • Each pod contains about the same amount of nicotine as a pack of cigarettes. 
  • The device heats the juice to create vapor, which is inhaled by the user. 
  • To purchase Juul products directly, you must be 21. In stores, you must be 18, the legal age to purchase tobacco or nicotine products. Teens are STILL getting their hands on them. 
To read the original article or learn more: CLICK HERE
Documenting Your Contact with Your
 Insurance Provider

When you are seeking treatment coverage for your child's substance use disorder or mental health issue, it is critical to document every action you have taken for insurance and medical purposes. What many parents don't know is that your insurance provider legally has to cover your child's substance use disorder. However, many things are denied by insurance companies. 

Keeping your records in these situations are vital. If you have any claims that will require appeals, mediation, or litigation, you need to have all necessary evidence to back up your claim. As there are deadlines for appeals and for filing a lawsuit, these documents contain important dates. 

This information was brought to you by the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. 

To learn more about insurance, substance use disorder, and how to properly document your contact,  CLICK HERE .

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