Places that Matter: New Bedford

"I wish someone would do something about that place!"

Have you ever said those words about a place you see regularly? Maybe it's in your neighborhood - or on your route to work - or in the area you grew up. Perhaps a place that was once beautiful and could be again. Or a place that's historically important and should be preserved. Or a place that's wasting away and if restored, could be useful to your community.

These are Places that Matter.

Do you have a favorite historic building that you love to visit or gives you pleasure just to behold? Maybe a place that's been beautifully restored and fills you with pride? Perhaps it's a place of cultural significance to your family - or was once an important gathering spot for your community?

These are Places that Matter as well.

WHALE's Places that Matter: New Bedford project will identify and map places that are historically and culturally important, and we need to learn what places matter to you.

  • Historically and culturally signifiant places.
  • Places that could be used for housing or community benefit
  • Good places for public art
  • Ideal places for open space or a park

Just email us the name and/or location of a place that matters to you. If you want, tell us why it matters or how it could be better used.

[email protected]

Thank You!

Working in partnership with the Trust for Public Lands with funding from the 1772 Foundation, WHALE is creating a GIS Map of Places that Matter to guide New Bedford's preservation priorities into the future. We'll be taking suggestions through July, 2023 and then reviewing and mapping through the year-end.