Places that Matter: New Bedford

"I wish someone would do something about that place!"

Have you ever said those words about a place you see regularly? Maybe it's in your neighborhood - or on your route to work - or in the area you grew up. Perhaps a place that was once beautiful and could be again. Or a place that's historically important and should be preserved. Or a place that's wasting away and if restored, could be useful to your community.

These are Places that Matter.

Do you have a favorite historic building that you love to visit or gives you pleasure just to behold? Maybe a place that's been beautifully restored and fills you with pride? Perhaps it's a place of cultural significance to your family - or was once an important gathering spot for your community?

These are Places that Matter as well.

WHALE's Places that Matter: New Bedford project will identify and map places that are historically and culturally important, and we need to learn what places matter to you.

  • Historically and culturally signifiant places.
  • Places that could be used for housing or community benefit
  • Good places for public art
  • Ideal places for open space or a park

Just email us the name and/or location of a place that matters to you. If you want, tell us why it matters or how it could be better used.

Thank You!

Working in partnership with the Trust for Public Lands with funding from the 1772 Foundation, WHALE is creating a GIS Map of Places that Matter to guide New Bedford's preservation priorities into the future. We'll be taking suggestions through July, 2023 and then reviewing and mapping through the year-end.