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What Should You Expect From Your Divorce Attorney?
While you may have had experience with attorneys in the past -- maybe for a real estate transaction or business deal -- that experience will not necessarily prepare you for retaining an attorney for something as highly personal as divorce. It’s important that you have a clear understanding of what you should expect from the person you hire to advocate for you during this emotional, stressful time in your life.
A good divorce attorney knows how the system works, and can work that system for your benefit. Beyond that, you should also expect these five things from your divorce attorney:


Your attorney will be your guide in navigating the divorce process, including developing a plan of action and setting strategies for your case. You should feel comfortable enough to share personal and intimate details, and to ask as many questions as you need to feel confident moving forward. You are entitled to be kept informed of the status of your case so any new developments or deadlines won’t take you by surprise. 


Divorce is always emotional, and it’s hard to be objective when it’s happening to you. Just the process of divorce is enough to cloud anyone’s judgment, making it more difficult for you to make good decisions. Having an attorney on your side to provide you with sound, strategic advice for moving forward is invaluable. He or she can help you find other professionals who can help you deal with the emotional stress of a divorce, and help you keep a clear head. Your attorney can also advise you when you are being unreasonable about what you want and why you are unlikely to get it.


An experienced divorce attorney will be able to assess your particular situation and let you know what you can likely expect if your case goes to court. He or she can help you develop a reasonable settlement proposal or review the other party’s proposal and advise you if you should accept it, revise it, or fight it out in court. There are few scenarios an experienced divorce lawyer has not seen — their experience provides you with options.

Knowledge of the process.

Divorce is a legal process, and with that comes lots of paperwork. If that paperwork is incorrect or incomplete, your case is in jeopardy. If you mistakenly omit something, you could be accused of trying to hide something, which damages your credibility. An experienced divorce lawyer knows exactly what type of information you need to proceed with your divorce and how to handle the necessary paperwork properly to ensure your side has a fair hearing.


There is no legal allowance for getting revenge in a divorce proceeding. Your divorce attorney will help you focus on the big picture because he or she wants to obtain the best deal possible for you. A good lawyer will not let you fight for something you can’t possibly win. A good lawyer will help you set priorities so you will end up with what you need, even if you have to make a few compromises along the way.

How you divorce and who you choose as your advocate can make a big difference in your life during and after a divorce. Be sure that the attorney you select is a good fit for you and someone you can trust to be on your side, fighting for your interests and those of your children.
“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” 

~ William James
Howard Through the Years
We continue to celebrate Howard’s 40 years of law by bringing you photos of Howard through the years! Two things you can always count on: his epic mustache and work ethic (you can always find him working hard for his clients!)
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When I think back to the four days I recently spent in New Hampshire with two of my dearest friends since age 12, what I most remember is the laughter: tons of it – days of it – literally stomach hurting from it. I felt alive, refreshed, and so happy.

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with Susan Ann Koenig
A Decade Anew
“We looked great 20 years ago,” she said with a sigh, reflecting on the eve of the millennia when we gave champagne toasts to the new decade. We’d been invited to a country club and I wore a black velvet floor length gown. We gathered in front of the ice sculpture for our picture. Hopeful, joyful anticipation abounded.

Six months later my world changed. The husband I’d kissed at midnight in December was diagnosed with cancer in May. My law practice moved from its office downtown into the century old building we gutted to renovate in between visits with urologists and radiologists and oncologists. We began eating a macrobiotic healing diet (Think miso soup, brown rice, and kale for breakfast). My youngest child moved halfway across the country to start college, at 15.

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