Monday, July 26th, 2021
In-Person or Zoom
St Barnabas Church
11:30 AM Lunch/12 Noon Meeting
What Thelma and Louise Say to Us Today

The legacy of Ridley Scott and Callie Khouri’s 1991 feminist road trip...

Special (In Person) Guest Speaker:
Jennifer Townsend

Jennifer Townsend has made a powerful documentary film about the effect of the 1991 movie called Thelma and Louise.

We will hear about the continuing relevance and deep impact of Thelma and Louise both on people at the time of the film’s release and in today’s #MeToo environment. 
Jennifer Townsend is a woman of many lives. She began working outside the home at the age of eight, selling cookies door-to-door after school to help her family. She raised four children as a single mother, while simultaneously attending college and law school. Jennifer was not content with choosing a lifelong profession or occupation. Her driving curiosity led her to careers as an attorney, an epidemiologist, a stock options trader, and a commercial real estate broker.
Jennifer's venture into filmmaking began in her early seventies when she bought a video camera and set about teaching herself how to shoot and edit short films. She produced "Old Folks at Home", a series of short documentaries which captured refreshingly candid vignettes of the senior generation.
A few years later, filled with fear and trepidation, she dove off a cliff to produce and direct her feature documentary: Catching Sight of Thelma & Louise. The film has screened at twenty film festivals and won numerous awards, including Best Documentary and Audience Award. It has screened on public television in Sweden and Finland and was featured in a Women's Rights festival in Seoul, Korea. Catching Sight is used as a teaching tool in college courses from Gender
Studies and Social Work to Criminal Law, Media and Filmmaking.

You can see the movie trailer at

Please see the two minute trailer before the talk. 

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Passcode: 400332
Upcoming Club Meeting Schedule

8/2/21 Dinner Meeting
Guest Speaker: Brenda Fantroy-Johnson. Brenda is the author of Imagine Me, a memoir about her coming of age amid the personal loss and the civil-rights strife of Detroit in the 1960s.  To learn more about Brenda and her work, go to

8/9/21 Lunch Fellowship Meeting featuring a Delicious Picnic at Fay Bainbridge Park.
Kids Ages 4 to 7!

Submitted by Cindy McGregor 

The Literacy Committee needs help recruiting children. 

Out of concern about the hardships Covid-19 has put on kids who are learning to read, we have organized a Summer Reading Program. 

One consequence of Covid is that our access to the schools and the library is questionable this year. We are now thrilled to partner with the Bainbridge Island Senior/Community Center to offer an in-person Summer Reading Program for 4-7-year-olds. 

We were welcomed with open arms. The enthusiasm among Senior Center members and previous Rotary Readers for a chance to be paired with a child and share time with books has been extraordinary. 

Many of the readers are retired teachers and librarians. The program will be held every Monday afternoon, July 19 - August 30, from 2:00-3:00 pm at the Bainbridge Island Senior/Community Center located at 370 Brien Drive. Masks are required if unvaccinated. No appointment is needed.

Here are some selling points: easy to get to, free, books of all kinds to read, pleasant and air conditioned Huney Hall, readers who value interacting with children, and hopefully the chance to continue during the school year on early release Mondays.
 Fellow Rotarians, please help us round up some kids by spreading the word. 
District 5020 Literacy Award accepted by Winifred Perkins, Chair of the BIRC Literacy Committee 

Dear Past President Marina,

Congratulations to your club for receiving the District 5021 Literacy Award.

This celebrated your club as having participated in a diversity of literacy opportunities.

The encouragement of literacy is truly a lifelong sustaining gift.

Thank you to all your members.

Anita Wotschel, District Literacy Chair
August 3rd

Our own Allen Ferris is walking on August 3rd.

Please meet in the parking lot of the Japanese American Exclusion Memorial at 10 AM. We will explore Rockaway Beach, then visit the labyrinth in the Park District's newest park then onward to Taylor and back to the Memorial.
There is one steep but short hill. Plan for two hours to walk the 3-1/2 miles.

FYI: Allen is an all weather walker.
Any interest in a private tour of the Japanese American Exclusion Memorial with Carol Reitz?
Hello from Bellingham!

A quick update and greeting to all of you. Diane and I have completed the move to Bellingham (and are now recovering!). 

We are currently renting a small house from a couple of WWU professors while they are on sabbatical and have started shopping for a house. We are enjoying spending more time with our two-year-old grandson, but also miss the Rotary Club and Bainbridge. Mondays just aren’t the same! 

I hope to stay in touch, so wanted to share my contact information. Hope everyone is doing well!
Bruce Bachen
206-409-4149 (cell)
2700 W Illinois St, Bellingham, WA 98225

My fellow BI Rotarians,

Do you realize how much each and every one of you positively impacted me during my very short tenure at our club? You are my BI family and I will always consider you that.

I made some incredible friendships and because of my promotion, I’m not working on BI anymore and therefore, transferred my membership to the Bellevue Rotary Club (and maybe one day I can do a make-up meeting on BI!).

I do hope you keep in touch with me, whether it be via Facebook or email at or

Thank you for your dedication and hard work to make our community and world a better place. This isn’t good bye, just “see you later”!

All my love with a BIG hug~ Renee Zimmerman
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Club Business with our new Secretary - Cindy McGregor
Kudos to our capable techy team: Joe Earnest and Bob Baranski
Visiting Co-Presidents from Silverdale, Jennifer Strong & Erin Shannon, promote their fundraiser: the annual duck race
It's a well fed Pig! Reminder please bring cash to the meetings!
Guest Darlene Madenwald saying hello and introducing herself.
Thumbs up means they are smiling: Vicki Browning & John Stephens promote membership committee
Membership Committee
A handwritten thank you note from the BHS Student of the Month
Committee Fair hopes to kindle interest.
Chocolate bribes from Communications Committee noted.
I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder”.
-C.K. Chesterton