What We Are Grateful For
2020 has been a tough year for the world. Even so, this Thanksgiving season, we are finding a lot to be grateful for.

We are especially grateful for all of our Feed the Future partners around the world. Your partnership and dedication, especially during these challenging times, make progress to #endhunger still possible.

While we continue to navigate the uncertainty of COVID-19 this year, we are inspired by stories of partnership, innovation and resilience as communities work together to stay strong, bounce back, and rebuild.

And while the 2020 holidays are likely to be far different than ones in the past, this doesn't mean that the season needs to be any less memorable. To make the most of this year's Thanksgiving, check out some of our past recipe contest winners below. They feature some of the humble crops critical to ending poverty, hunger and malnutrition around the world (including vitamin-rich
sweet potato!).

Read on to see more of what we are grateful for this year.

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The current COVID-19 pandemic has touched every corner of the world, but these extraordinary individuals are rising to the challenge to forge a better future for their communities. In case you missed it, we are sharing their powerful stories again as reminders that even in the toughest of times, progress is possible.

We are also grateful for the increased collaboration with our water, sanitation and hygiene colleagues and join them in celebrating a new partnership with LIXIL, a global sanitation company, to improve sanitation and hygiene among underserved and vulnerable communities around the world.

Women’s economic success has a ripple effect, leading to more inclusive economic growth, better nutrition and health, and stronger resilience and stability. We are grateful for the women who are helping their communities and countries thrive.

Our partners and programs have been pivoting and innovating in the face of COVID-19 to help vulnerable communities respond, stop the health crisis from becoming a food crisis and speed recovery. We are grateful for their resolve in the face of crisis.

Sweet Potato
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Photo and Video Credits: IFDC/FDP MD Project; Ranelle Sykes, USAID; Evan Trowbridge.

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