It was an exhilarating, unforgettable week of play and learning....
Key Insights from the
Summer Institute in Digital Literacy 2019
What were the Special Ingredients?

  1. Summer Camp for Adults. Multiple days in a cool and stimulating location created a retreat-style summer camp for adults where people built meaningful relationships.
  2. Big Ideas Come Alive with Robust Instructional Practices. We examined significant ideas and cultural trends from many fields using instructional practices rooted in hands-on, minds-on learning.
  3. Elbow-to-Elbow Creativity. Collaborative learning became hands-on and personal as people worked with a partner to create digital work products in Design Studio. Working together, they created something they can use!
  4. Time to Reflect. Opportunities to grow as a human being occurred through introspection and metacognitive activities which were carefully structured into the learning experience. Participants deepened respect and appreciation for how personal & professional identity affects the diverse practices of digital literacy.
Amazing Participants & Faculty
Thanks to Ryan McCarty, Mary Moen, Troy Hicks, Amanda Murphy, Kristin Ziemke, Julie Coiro, Stephanie Branson, Terry Deeney, Kristin Hokanson, Kara Clayton and Renee Hobbs
What Participants Say They Liked Best
  • The flow of the days was done remarkably well. I felt like every activity came just when I needed it to come. 

  • The mix of hands on activities with keynote addresses (all of which were somehow amazing) was excellent.

  • The hands-on learning experiences, the high energy environment, the people, the new relationships, and the inspiration

  • I loved how immersive it was. Giving up a week of your life can feel like a big ask, but the gift that you all have given us is invaluable. 

  • It has been the best experience for learning what it feels like to authentically learn without fear.
Hands-On, Minds-On Learning Builds Confidence
How Has Your Understanding of Digital Literacy Changed this Week?
  • "I now see it as a paradigm shift in the ways in which education is changing."

  • "It's all about teaching our students how to ask questions, read whatever media that information is presented in, and communicate their understanding to others,"

  • "It's a way to make sure students grow with a different mindset, empowered and protected, so that they thrive and help to change the world."
This program continues to amaze and inspire us. What a remarkable learning community it has become!

We are reminded of the words of Margaret Mead: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
The 8th annual Summer Institute in Digital Literacy will be held July 19 - 24, 2020 on the campus of the National Louis University in downtown Chicago