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March 8, 2018

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Opportunity through Education

In 2018, Kiwimbi launched its five-year Strategic Plan, outlining our objectives, accomplishments, long term goals, strategic program initiatives, and strategies for goal implementation. 

Guided by this plan, Kiwimbi seeks to further develop formal educational programs that will enable all segments of the community to enrich their lives and enhance and improve their long - and short-term livelihood potential. The initiative consists of two major segments: Academic and Vocational Learning. 
Our current initiatives for educational services and resources include:
  • KCPE - Prep : developing and expanding a tutorial program for students in the national Grade Eight (KCPE) exams
  • Educational Resources : introducing technology as an educational tool, in addition to securing tangible resources such as books, art supplies, teacher guides, tablets, etc.
  • Train Administrative Staff : including teacher training, methodologies for tracking student progress and other relevant online and personal strategies
  • Fine Arts : providing opportunities for creative expression and continuing to develop formal extra-curricular programs to expand local arts curriculum
  • Writing: continue developing formal writing program that will be accessible by all segments of the community
  • Nutrition : expanding nutritional program to support the physical and mental development of students with goals of improved attendance, acuity, and productivity 
  • Assessment : establish a quality and excellence program, including jointly developed benchmarks, metrics, and incentives to monitor academic progress and reward staff, educators, and students
  • Vocational and Adult Learning : create "certification level" vocational training accessible to all levels of community, such as tailoring, carpentry, arts and crafts, agriculture, small business start-up, engine repair and maintenance, computer repair, and software development
Kiwimbi has been functioning pursuant to the plan we presented when we first sought 501(c)(3) approval. 

Now Kiwimbi has updated that plan based on experience in Amagoro, Kenya. Our original concept has proven sound - therefore the fundamental concepts remain the same. We have reviewed the scope of our work,  further developed specifics, and adjusted our priorities and timelines to better suit the needs of the community.
The map above portrays the Amagroro area schools that are served by the Kiwimbi Community Center and Library. The Center and Library serve students from schools outside of the Amagoro region as well. 

On behalf of Kiwimbi trustees, staff, and students - A big THANK YOU to Jennifer Tse and all of her friends for supporting us and our mission through the Mount Kilimanjaro Expedition!

With your generous support, Kiwimbi continues to focus on making educational opportunity available in underserved areas. 

For first-hand accounts of life in rural Kenya from the children's perspectives, check out our KAP collection
Kiwimbi International is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity. 

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