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What do women want out of sailing? The answer is actually quite simple.   EVERYTHING!
Fun in the Sun !

All they ask for is speed, comfort, flexibility, and fun. They need a sailboat that can win regattas without requiring special gear. The same boat can then be taken out for a daysail on a lovely afternoon.

But surely that is too much to ask. What boat could possibly fill such a large order? For example, competitive sailing is a hard-core sport that requires a great deal of agility and physical strength, isn't it? 


Girls want Speed

It is expected that to be a good competitive sailor, one has to be fast, and fast sailing is brutal. That speed must come at a price, often in the form of boat-bites.

Gnarly Boat Bites - Duuude 
Fortunately, the Harbor series fits all of those descriptions without the punishment. Stay a comfortable distance from the icy water with zero winches to whack your kidneys, just comfy cushions and organized lines. In fact, many Harbor Gals race their boats wearing Sun Hats !

Leslie Deardorff  is a top tier sailor and Harbor 20 staple. We asked Leslie why she sails the Harbor 20. Her response was: 

"The H20 inflicts less pain than most racing boats. Maybe that's why us 'smart' gals dig it" 

Yes indeed Smart Gals do dig racing their plucky Harbor sailboats.  Its the way of every smart gal everywhere - having her cake and eating it too. 

A most stylish racing Sailor 

Don't let the cushions fool you!   Comfort and ease doesn't mean you have to sacrifice performance. Harbors are a performance boat at heart. Spirited sailing with the wind in one's hair brings a smile to every Harbor Gals heart. 
Racing with Style and Grace

This simple daysailor can hold it's own. It particularly shines in light air conditions that many other sport boats struggle with.  The sail area to boat weight ratio makes it speedy without sacrificing any of the comfort.

Santa Barbara Yacht Club measured speeds of Harbor 20s and J/70s in real world conditions with results highly favorable towards the Sportboat with Cupholders. Yes ma'm in real world sailing, the comfy Harbor 20 sails just as fast as the brutal J/70.  I know which boat I would rather be sailing.

Teamwork and poise


Girls want Comfort

Kathy Reed  calls the Harbor 20  "all brain, no brawn". It's a tactical sailboat which rewards those smart gals who knows when to jump in and take a risk and when to hold back.  

This three time  Lido champion is no stranger to competitive sailing, and the physical energy that takes. Kathy also sails kinetic boats requiring energetic boathandling and roll tacks.  She loves the comfort of the Harbor 20 and continues to learn more about  tactical racing.

Harbor Gals and Boys - Video 

Helen Duncan is one of the stalwart Harbor Gals. She has been skippering her Harbor 20 for 16 years now. Helen knows that speed, comfort, and flexibility go hand in hand on her Harbor 20. Helen attends 60 or more Harbor 20 regattas every year.  She also daysails and 'date night' sails every chance she gets.  Now, thats a whole lotta' sailing. 

It's also easier to go on day trips with family and friends when everyone can sit back and relax. How many friends want to spend a weekend helping rig a boat for hours only to be cold and wet while sailing?

Harbor Gals enjoy life

Harbor Girls want Flexibility

Straw Hats are for racing

Harbor gals are multi-taskers, and so is their boat.

Why just sail when you can be having quality family time. It's a great bonding experience and gives children an incredible sense of independence and confidence.

Sailing makes a perfect date. No one needs to choose a movie. Sailing is also a great way to get to know someone. Some couples might disagree on racing, but in the end, they get the chance to grow and learn together.  Sailors who Race together; Stay Together. 

Sailing is a great time to catch up with friends. Whether they are sailors too or have never been on a boat, they can quickly pick up Harbor basics. The Harbor boats are easy to learn and rewarding to master. Harbor Gals enjoy inviting their friends for a dock and dine afternoon. What could be more fun than spending time on the water with those that you love ? 

Next time you want a crew mate, it will be easy to convince a friend to join.  Harbor boats are comfortable enough to bring land-lovers aboard and keep them coming back for more. 

It's also much easier to convince your sailing friends to join. Sailors regularly convert over to the Harbor 20 class. Sailing skills translates very easily from other boats to the Harbor 20. Controls are clear and instinctive to ease the transition.

Pixie and Kathy make a great team with tons of positive energy. They're long time sailing friends and continue to race together. They're there for the joy of sailing, and to just have a great time.

Harbors are stable and the seat design helps everyone stay securely in the boat. It keeps sailors dry so they don't need specialized gear to keep them warm.

No specialized gear requirements is one less bar to entry into Harbor sailing. New sailors can come as they are and have a great time. The accessibility is one piece of the Harbor success story.

Schock boats are all designed around families. Sabots are a favorite of our younger fans. They're a great starter boat for the young and young at heart.

Fast set up and take down makes it easier to sail with little ones. Kids know that being on the water is way more exciting than sitting around on the dock, so long rigging times would lose their interest quickly.

Best of all,
it's FUN!

Summers are a Blast!


Harbor Gals want 
The Experience


Tech saavy Harborgals enjoy tweeting, tumbling, and instagramming pics of their favorite Harbor 20 moments. They get to document their progress, adventures, and experiences to share with other sailing fans. This Harbor Gal showed off her mast climbing agility to the world on social media. Talk about a selfie !

Simple Pleasures - Video
Simple Pleasures - Video

Harbor Gals sail in stylish clothes. This Harbor Gal sails her boat in a silk dress and cardigan. Jackie O. never looked so stylish. The simple pleasures of sailing indeed. 

Being out on the water is such a simple, yet rewarding experience. It can teach us things about ourselves and our abilities. Many women love the confidence and freedom it gives them. 

Belonging to a Harbor 20 fleet is a great experience. From the exciting people you meet to that first regatta win. Being in a group of people joined by their love of sailing is an incredible thing.

Winning is an amazing feeling

Most top racing teams are couples. This is unique to Harbor 20 racing. Couples bond during sailing. Some even meet their future partners on the race course. It's an instant connection and common ground. 

As they say in Harbor Sailing, If you want to win in Harbor 20s, Sail with Someone you Love !

Couples who sail together-video
Couples who sail together-video

Lasting friendships are built between people of all backgrounds. Sailing is such a diverse sport, that it provides the opportunity to meet new people of different professions, lifestyles, and beliefs. All are tied together by a common goal.

These friendships remain strong both on and off the water. The lengths these groups go to in order to take care of each other is truly touching. Whether tackling heavy winds or hardships, all hands are on deck.

A fun and socially fulfilling environment inspires gals to immerse themselves in the Harbor lifestyle. A fleet favorite is the theme party. Everyone is a great sport and participates in all types of activities.

How many opportunities do you have to dress up and go all out as an adult? Fleet members love to have fun together and sail in costumes. Best of all, it's easy to keep all props onboard.

It's no wonder the Harbor boats have so many enthusiastic fans. Everyone gets to relax and be themselves while doing something they love. Harbor Gals can be rather fanatic about their devotion to their sailboat. 

Hardcore fans enjoy the fun of everything about their sailboat. 

Hardcore Harbor Fan
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