What YOU Need to Know About
"The Shack"

Dr. De Young will join me for a full video report on Take A Stand! TV this weekend. I will notify our list here as soon as it is posted. - Eric

This powerful DVD message illustrates the desperate need for clear and decisive biblical apologetics in the Church today. Find out why author and Christian apologist, Eric Barger, believes that the popularity of William "Paul" Young's emotionally charged story, 
The Shack , signals an unprecedented lack of discernment from within Christianity.

Learn about the  unbiblical, unorthodox theology contained in this runaway bestseller and  motion picture and how it threatens to deceive untold numbers of both Christians and seekers in our midst.

Don't be a victim. Be informed!

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Universalism has become the "politically correct" religion of choice of many in public life today. Through the misguided ministries of Carlton Pearson, Mike Williams and others, a form of Universalism known as "Universal Reconciliation" has made inroads into modern Christianity as well. In this DVD presentation, Eric Barger defines and illustrates Universalism and compares it to biblical Christianity.

 Above all, this message clearly illustrates the biblical truths of salvation through Jesus Christ alone, the absolute need for a regenerating, "born again" experience and the fact that eternal and unending separation from God awaits all who reject salvation through Jesus sacrificial death.

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