Wishing you a Happy and Hopeful New Year!
Peace Family,

Though this past year has been filled with unprecedented challenges, I’ve never been more inspired by our entire Peace Family: how our youth and families have persevered through unanticipated difficulties, how our committed staff was able to pivot programs and expand services, and how our community has responded so generously in this moment. 

We're extremely grateful for all that your gifts and time made possible this yearenabling Peace to provide in-person academic support for students navigating a new virtual world, broaden food distribution to fill the plates of hungry families, and extend emergency financial aid to those greatest in need.
When schools closed in March, Peace immediately pivoted programs to help students navigate a new virtual world.
Your support meant Peace could offer 
in-person academic and tech support for over 170 kids, five days per week this fall.
You made it possible for Peace to:
  • continue our weekly Friday food distribution with Food Gatherers,
  • deliver 640 meals to 61 homes for virtual Peace Family Nights,
  • and, in partnership with the Ann Arbor Public Schools, distribute hundreds of school meals each week to various neighborhood sites.
Your support ensured that Peace could provide a range of emergency assistance to families struggling to cover lost wages, rent, utility bills, and food. And you provided over 250 families with food and gifts to ensure that they have a happy holiday.T
Your support enabled Peace case managers to offer one-on-one mental health support for parents feeling stressed and overwhelmed. And you helped connect depressed and anxious youth with Peace staff members to serve as mentors and sources of much-needed support.Text Link
Your time and gifts this year helped Peace wrap around local youth, families, and individuals with the individualized support they need to navigate the current crisis. 

Your compassion and generosity continue to build bright futures for the youth, families, and individuals we serve.

Thank you for giving the gift of hope to those in needand for seeding a more just, equitable, healthy, and hopeful future for our entire community! 

With gratitude,

Bonnie Billups, Jr.
Executive Director