As you may know, I have been close to The Krenov School for 40 years and am a member of The Krenov Foundation Board. So I keep up to date with what’s happening at the school and the foundation. Unfortunately, I could not attend David Welter’s presentation at the school of James Krenov’s Pagoda Cabinet (our son’s wedding!). But, I helped with the post-production of Kevin Drake’s video documentary. So that’s my voice-over – introducing David‘s talk about his conservation of the cabinet, which we’ve featured in this newsletter. It’s a perfect segue to follow with Krenov’s use of wooden handplanes, the making of wooden handplanes, and the Hock Tools Krenov-Style Plane Kit. So you will see a few related videos below.

Also, please remember it is Kitchen Knife Kit time! In our following newsletter, along with our annual shill for Hock Tools products at $50 or less, we’ll do a little feature on kitchen knives. They are relatively easy and quick to put together. So you may want to get started soon -- they make terrific gifts.

Enjoy your Fall; the quality of light, the leaves changing color, and the anticipation of the upcoming holidays.

Of course, if there is anything you need from Hock Tools, please let me know.