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A Shameless Shill for Hock Tools
The Hock Tools Newsletter
#5 / 2015 
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In this issue:
Spokeshave Blades
Advancing Handtools: 
In the Spotlight: 
Hock Tools Photo Album:
Be in the Hock Tools Photo Album:
Shout-Out for Popular Woodworking's Blog & Sharpening Collection.
Hock Tools Photo Album: 
Vincent Lavarenne's Self-Made Shave.
Vincent Lavarenne, Spokeshave, Photo Album 515

Vincent Lavarenne is a teaching member of Les PassionnĂ©s du Bois, a very active woodworking club based just south of Paris. 


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beinphotoalbumIt's So Easy to Be in The Hock Tools Photo Album:

You inspire us and other woodworkers with photos
of the tools you make  with or that use  Hock Tools
Send your photos to  linda@hocktools.com . Linda will get back  to you soon. 
A Little Shout-Out for  Popular Woodworking Magazine:

Chapter 6, unattended Stanley #151, pg. 120, #5-2015
A Stanley #151 
left unattended.
So sad; but there 
is hope. You can 
get this tool back 
to work!

Check out the July 6th Popular Woodworking Blog  titled  Spoke-shaves - Rehab & Sharpening by PWW's Editor Megan Fitz patrick.
On top of that PWW's also has a limited offer of
The Essential Sharpening Collection, which includes
The Perfect Edge: The Ultimate Guide to Sharpening for Woodworkers by Ron Hock!
PWW's The Essential Sharpening Collection, including The Perfect Edge.
    Thank You 
 Popular Woodworking!
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Ron in HOCK Shop
Ron Hock
I just love the long days of summer. And now that I have my shop to myself - I love that, too. You may know we moved the Hock Tools shop and shipping to our new digs in town about a year ago. It's especially satisfying to be able to enjoy a couple daylight hours puttering around the yard, maybe some off-the-clock time in the shop after a long day in the office. If I just start tidying up, one thing leads to the next and the next and I get an amazing amount done. 

I've resurrected tools from the proverbial rust bin, and brought them back to the living where they were intended to be. I like that intention: tools that stay in use long after their maker has met the maker.

You know that deep satisfaction and pleasure you get from restoring an old tool, or a piece of furniture? The process is captivating; you focus on being, doing, making and keeping because it is a good and rightful thing to do. I restore my spirits as I go along, especially during these long days when the light fades late and I feel I have time to lose myself in being, doing, making...Perfect for getting ready for the short days of fall and winter. What a good life, having a shop, fixing up old tools!

Of course, if you need anything from Hock Tools, please let me know.

Ron's Signature
Ron Hock
Hock Tools
Top Site for Conscientious Wood Use
(888) 282-5233
(707) 964-2782
AdvancingAdvancing Handtools:
What You Didn't 
Know  about Spokeshaves
A wooden spokeshave is to a Windsor chair what a bread knife is to a loaf of sourdough. 
Continuous Arm Chair, Mike Dunbar, The Windsor Institute, 5-2015
Continuous Arm Chair by Mike Dunbar, The Windsor Institute, Hampton 
New Hampshire. 
Of course spokeshaves are used to shape more objects than Windsor chairs; but, if you are building one of those iconic chairs, a good spokeshave is a must!

Link to PDFs
Hock Tools Spokeshave Kit and Replacement Blades
Advancing Handtools:
Sharpening Devices from 
Chapter 13 of The Perfect Edge; The Ultimate Guide to Sharpening for Woodworkers

Chapter 13, Devices, pg. 181, Sharpening Stick System by DMT.
More on sharpening your kitchen knives - as promised in 
Sharp & to the Point , Edition #4/2015.
Link to PDFs
Thank you!
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