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Military Divorce
When you or your spouse is employed in the military, rumors of military marriages ending up in divorce may have been brought up with you in one way or the other. While the idea of “only the strongest survive” is relevant in the military; unfortunately, some may also say the same for their marriage. Yes, divorce is common here but it’s not at all surprising as statistics say the same thing about civil marriages. But one can’t help but ponder, do couples in the military more vulnerable to divorce than those couples wed under civil laws?

We all know that divorce can be draining and stressful not only for the couples but most especially for the children as well-regardless of whether it is a civil marriage or a military one. There are also psychological and emotional aspects that come with it as well. Undeniably, divorce presents a serious issue in every family afflicted with the consequence of having to face with this kind of situation.

Is military divorce different from a regular divorce?

To equate military divorce with a civil divorce is like comparing oranges to apples. Indeed, both present the same psychological and emotional struggle to any member of the family; but there are also a lot of things that makes military divorce quite different from any kind of divorce. In fact, unique scenarios may arise when a military member or spouse goes through a divorce proceeding. And it is important that one should be able to explore all his legal options in order to come up with a mutually agreed settlement.

  • The state indicating the military spouse’ legal residence has the upper hand when it comes to the division of military pension.

Note that not all states have the same laws when it comes to the division of military pension. So, if you file for divorce in a state which is not the legal residence of the military spouse's, then the court that acquired such jurisdiction may not have the legal authority to decide over the pension.
  • Common marital problems that are unique to military couples present risk factors for divorce.

A military spouse who may have had some traumatic experiences during deployment or military service may cause certain emotional struggles like PTSD or anxiety that may take a toll on the marriage.

If you are in a military marriage and are having related issues that may affect your relationship with your spouse, it is best to discuss with your lawyer all the legal aspects that may be taken into consideration should it reach a military divorce court.
Case Solved After 50 Years Thanks to DNA
New Year's bring about new beginnings. But in unsolved criminal cases, it signals another year of denied justice. When a cold case becomes too cold, what are the chances that it can finally be solved?

One of the coldest cases ever recorded is a 52-year murder case in Seattle. Sometime in July 1967, a 20-year old female clerk named Susan Galvin was found dead in a parking garage elevator, showed signs of sexual assault. DNA evidence was collected at the scene of the crime but all efforts remained futile as no suspects had been found.

It was only in July 2018 that the police were able to zero in on one suspect named Frank E. Wypych. With the help of an ingenious DNA technique which was still unheard of during the 1960s, they turned to the DNA evidence and used a free genealogy website to search for a match. Adding in some good help with the creation of a family tree and research on ancestral link, a suspect had already been named. Powered with a print match and the family tree evidence, a search warrant was finally issued to exhume the remains of Wypych. On April 12, 2019, it was confirmed that the DNA recovered from the victim matched the DNA of the suspect. Wypych, however, died early on in April 1987 due to diabetes.

Justice may have been served cold in this case but this just goes to show it will not relent until it gets solved – even after 52 long years.
How Come More Millennial Women Are Choosing to Become Housewives?
2021 is here! What is on top of your New Year’s Resolution list? Landing a good career in one of the top biggest firms in your state? Or build your very own business empire?

In this new age of gender co-equals, there is no doubt that women are already recognized with respect and deference in the field of politics, the workplace, and business. So, for a millennial woman, the sky is the limit when it comes to opportunities. But you’d be surprised to know that with all of these opportunities most millennial women prefer to be housewives.

Not that there’s anything wrong with being a housewife. It is as noble as any profession or career endeavor. However, one can’t help but wonder why millennial women ditch the long and hard-fought battle to achieve gender equality in all fields only to dream of finding a man with whom she will have kids so she can serve and do household work?

A study published in the Psychology of Women Quarterly revealed that Generation Y females prefer to stay at home and become housewives. Experts believe that it’s a common response to being raised by Generation X mothers, who are considered to be the first generation to recognize women with power. While some suggested that it is a product of a culture of retreatism where women turn to their homes to shield themselves from the workplace’ tough reality, others say that it is also a by-product of “millennial burnout”.

Millennials are also known as Generation Y who are born between 1982 to 1996. These are people reared and nurtured by mothers who belong in Generation X (born between 1965 to 1981) who learned the value of work-life balance and independence during Europe’s reconstruction after the war.
3 Steps to Losing Weight in 2021
The figures are undeniable: 48% of the people include weight loss in their New Year’s resolution while 59% of New Year’s resolutions made involve the promise to exercise to lose weight. So, if you find yourself writing your New Year’s resolution and end up including these on your list, listen up.

Losing weight may probably be everyone’s elusive dream. Statistics show that more than 1/3 of the entire adult population in the United States are obese. Add in the present pandemic which force people to stay at home and more likely live a sedentary lifestyle, who’s to say that the percentage of obese adults could double up.

Indeed, the idea of losing weight to start off the new year can be a daunting task; but it can be done – only if you do it the right way. The following New Year realistic weight loss tips will help you achieve a better and slimmer version of you:

1.    Eat right.
The key to losing weight is to not starve yourself. The more you starve, the more your body tells you to eat. And it is but a natural biological instinct to give in and eat because that is how our bodies work. One should eat smart. This means limiting caloric intake while not denying your body the food it needs. Eat only natural and healthy foods and avoid processed foods.

2.    Exercise well.
Exercise is an effective way to burn fats. There are a number of good exercises that you can perform. Most of them are accessible on YouTube and there is no need for you to subscribe to various workout plans or routines. High-intensity interval training is a great way for you to lose the most fats in less time but be warned, this can be very physically draining.

3.    Keep motivating yourself.
The struggle can be real when it comes to motivation. Motivation is simply a mind over matter thing. Especially if you have hit a plateau, remind yourself why you did it in the first place in order to keep pushing yourself to move forward.
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Fun New Year’s Resolution Ideas for 2021
Remember last year when you are just about to meet 2020 with the promise of a new you? What happened? Not to worry because 2021 is here to give us another shot. Ready to make that New Year’s resolution list?

After how many new years, the trend of human activities has become way more predictable: gyms start to crowd every January and social media is heavily trafficked with publicly declared life goals – all of them tend to fizzle out by February and completely obliterated by March.

Don’t worry, we’ll make it easier for you. We’ve come up with 10 of the best (... or worst) New Year’s resolution that holds promise to a better you, or at least has more potential of getting realized. Oh, and we’ve added up some humor so you can welcome 2021 with optimism, a good laugh, and a pinch of sarcasm:

1. Stop making New Year’s resolutions.
  • That way, you get to succeed in keeping up with your resolution!
2. Stop texting an old flame.
  • If that person ghosted you on Christmas and New Year’s Eve, what are the odds that he/she is going to do it again the next year? SNAP. OUT. OF. IT.
3. Create at least 1 viral Tiktok video.
  • This shouldn’t be something so difficult. Just act crazy and be prepared for an all-time embarrassment. Don’t worry, all viral videos don’t last for more than 2 months. They die on their own or make way for new viral videos.
4. Stop procrastinating.
  • But you can start this tomorrow.
5. Stop making bad jokes.
  • Says Dad.
6. Make sure to prefer the best resolution.
  • 1080 p is better than 720p.
7. Get your finances in order.
  • First step: get finances.
8. Start learning social cues again.
  • Being marooned in the house for a year can turn gentlemen and ladies to brutes. 2021 is the time re-learn social cues as you prepare yourself to go out and possibly socialize in the future.
9. Finally get a haircut.
  • The pandemic has kept us away from social gatherings and glitzy shindigs that before you know it, you have already grown out your hair way too much. And no, it doesn’t make you look like Jason Momoa. Let me remind you: Not everyone can rock long hair. Get that haircut that you’ve been delaying for so long before you end up looking like the missing link on two feet.
10. Make sure to put on a full work outfit during Zoom conferences.
  • Work from home has never been so dynamic. You attend virtual meetings with your polo and necktie coupled with overstretched gartered underpants and a SpongeBob pair of socks. Nice.

So, cheers as we welcome Year 2021! And remember to put on your pants before you join virtual new year party conferences with your friends and workmates!
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