Did you miss one of our events?

Here's what you missed..
Maestro Rafael Solano
and the South Florida Dominican Jazz Fest
receiving a Proclamation.
Doral Councilwoman Digna Cabral, Grammy Award Winner Maestro Rafael Solano, and Commissioner Yvette Colbourne.
It was also declared “The Day of South Florida Dominican Jazz in Miramar” as part of the awards made by the City of Miramar, represented by Commissioner Yvette Colbourne.
The Jamaican Youth Link Up
discussed ways the diaspora could
impact and engage with their peers globally.
Over 200 young people attended the 1st Jamaican Youth Link Up, hosted by the Commissioner.
Commissioner Yvette Colbourne welcomes attendees.
Speakers shared the various ways that young people can be actively involved with the diaspora community.

Commissioner Yvette Colbourne with Consul General Oliver Mair; Miss Jamaica Florida 2019; and South Florida youth leader, Rain Jarrett.
The Inaugural Clergy Appreciation Luncheon
recognized Clergies and provided Census information.
Commissioner Yvette Colbourne with Pastor Andrew Chan-A-Sue.
Members of the clergy attend the inaugural luncheon as we celebrated their spiritual guidance and support for our residents.
Guest speaker, Mr Thurmond N. Tillman, U.S. Census Bureau.
Commissioner Yvette Colbourne with the Pastor Terrance Wilson from the Cool Church and guest.