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March 2019 Newsletter
The calendar has flipped to March and spring arrives this month! It's time to focus on fly control on your cattle, gardening, expanding your flock, and new clothes for the season! Find out about everything we have to offer below.

Thank you to all that attended our Cattle Mineral Meeting last month. It was a big success with 120 attendees and lots of great information shared!

Have you seen our new website? We are super excited to have a fresh platform to share information with you. The Grand Opening of our Online Store is next and will be live soon!!

We have 2 timely reminders for our customers. First, now is the time to feed AntlerMax20. Horns are dropping and bucks are growing new horns. We have it in bulk and bagged. And. we'll deliver too! Second, Sudan Seed is in stock. Stop in and get yours today.

We've included another $10 OFF coupon for our newsletter readers this month too. See below!

We appreciate your business!  

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Now is the Time: Fly Control Cattle Mineral

When the calendar flips to March, cattle owners need to start thinking about fly control. Now is the right time to focus on controlling flies around your livestock. Horn flies are the MOST costly external parasites of cattle as they each take 20-30 blood meals PER day. Don't let these pesky creatures diminish your cattle profits by causing undue stress. Break their life cycle and keep them from feasting on your livestock.  McGregor General Store offers Purina's Wind & Rain Fly Control Mineral Tubs to decrease the fly population around your cattle. We have them in 125lb. and 225lb. tubs ... 

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Chicks are Here!
Baby chicks are at McGregor General Store! Too, we have everything you need to care for your flock, chick starter, heat lamps and bulbs, feeders, waterers and much much more!  Click on the link below for expected delivery dates and breed information from the hatchery. All dates are subject to change based on breed hatch dates. If you are interested in a specific breed, it is best to call the store at 254-840-3224 to confirm availability.

It's Time to Start Your Garden

Spring arrives this month and with the extra sunshine we'll have due to Daylight Savings Time, it's the perfect time to get outside and garden! We have everything you need: seed potatoes, onion sets, cool weather plants, potting soil, fruit trees, shrubs, mulch, soil, fertilizer, pre-emergents and more!  If you have any Qs, please call the store at 254-840-3224. 
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Check out some of the new clothing we have for spring!! More is coming everyday as we ramp up for the Grand Opening of our Online Store!

March 2019 
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