Hello, and Happy Bastille Day! OK, maybe you don't actively celebrate Bastille Day, but still, it should be noted. 

This week we focused on communicating online. You might think that communicating online does not need to be an area of concentration. You kind of need to communicate to make online communication work, right? Well, as it turns out, we humans have still found a way to make things complicated.

Our Monday post was about the "like" button. This now exists in some form on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Have you ever seen a post, say, about someone passing away, and that post gets 117 "likes"? It always makes me do a double take. Maybe there is a better way to communicate whatever that "like" is trying to say.

Wednesday's post talked about another slightly awkward situation that can arise online. I have seen a lot of posts where people are posting negatively about their jobs, their bosses, or their co-workers. Have you? Maybe you've even written a post like that. People tend to get a sense of security online, especially if their accounts are "locked down." This means that they may filter their posts, set everything to the highest privacy setting, and take other precautions. However, even these efforts do not fully protect you. 

That's it from us this week. Stay safe online and offline, and we'll see you next Thursday!

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