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We are lucky we can still connect with our clients. We are lucky our business runs remotely with ease. We are lucky we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day early this year while we could still all be together as a team.
What Your Kids Want You to Know About Your Divorce
Divorcing parents are naturally concerned about the impact of the divorce on their children, and what better resource for those answers than children who have lived through a parents’ divorce themselves? The Huffington Post asked eight writers who grew up with divorced parents to share their best pieces of advice:

You have not failed as a parent.  

Many parents believe they have failed their children if they divorce. The truth is, if you can still be a good mom or dad as you go through the pain and stress of divorce, you actually gain credibility as a parent. If you are still there for your kids, albeit independently, you can provide a great example to them of how to persevere through tough times.

Don’t worry so much

When we reach adulthood, we all realize that everyone grew up with some kind of dysfunction in their family, whether or not their parents divorced. As long as you pour your energy into remaining a good parent for your children and creating a stable environment for them, they’ll be fine. 

Don’t disparage your ex.  

Children soak up everything and are especially attuned to strife between their parents. Don’t badmouth each other to your children. Your decisions and actions will shape their futures, so instead of pouring your energy into disparagement, use it to build a better life. This will teach your children resilience in the face of tough times.

Maintain a strong relationship with your kids

After a divorce, it is not uncommon for the noncustodial parent to drift away -- especially if the custodial parent remarries. Your children need both parents, so fight for your place in their lives.

Keep your children’s needs in mind.  

Your children’s needs and schedules change as they grow older, and it can be stressful for them to maintain these as they move between two households. Be understanding of their time.

Treat your children with respect.  

Realize that your children are unique individuals and each will respond differently to a divorce. Even if you don’t understand, it is important to give their feelings legitimacy and treat them with respect.

Allow both parents to be close to children

Many divorces leave lingering feelings of anger and resentment between ex-spouses, but adults need to realize that their children need both of them in their lives. Find a way to peacefully co-exist with your ex so your children can have a meaningful relationship with both of you.

Be honest

When talking with your children about your divorce, strive to be honest. Depending on their age, the reasons for your divorce may need to be discussed later, but you can provide a basic understanding of why it is happening and how it will impact their lives and relationships. 
Children are like wet cement: whatever falls on them makes an impression. ” 

~ Haim Ginott
People and Pets
We are pleased to welcome a precious new face to the Koenig|Dunne family! Congratulations to Emily, one of our wonderful paralegals, on the arrival of her daughter.
We are all now grappling with an issue of enormous scale and human impact, and our hearts go out to all who have been affected by the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19).

At Koenig|Dunne, we believe it is our role and responsibility during this time to prioritize: the health and well-being of our clients and our legal team while also supporting local health officials and government leaders as they work to contain the virus. We will continue to make decisions with vigilance and courage informed by the latest science-based information and guided by Our Mission and Values.

We wanted to provide an update on the actions that the firm is taking to help prevent the spread of the virus and support the health and well-being of our clients, our legal team and the legal community:

  • We have a self-quarantine protocol that we to allow our entire Koenig|Dunne team to work remotely and continue meeting all of our clients’ needs and they will see no disruption in their legal services.
  • We are equipped and available to do telephone and video conferences.
  • We are following the guidelines required by the court systems.

Thank you for continuing to trust our legal team. It is our intent to remain transparent and keep you updated.
Trying On Trust: A COVID-19 Co-Parenting Series
“I can’t wait to go to Dad’s!! HE will let me go to my friend’s house.” Despite all the instructions not to, both of my hands instinctively went to my face and pulled my eyes and cheeks downward. And here it was – co-parenting during COVID19.

My eldest daughter and I had just traveled over her spring break from school right at the onset of the pandemic breaking. My youngest had gone to Washington D.C. for a pre-planned school trip during the same time period. As the news was breaking around us, I knew that we potentially could have been at risk due to our travel so I was strictly enforcing boundaries and voluntarily containing our household.

Coach's Corner
with Susan Ann Koenig
You Can’t Say No To Virginia
“You can’t say no to Virginia,” my fellow volunteer smiled, shaking her head. Rows of us lined up at desks, a phone on one hand, a pen in the other, marking off names on our respective call lists. We made requests to those we phoned on behalf of Virginia’s many social justice passion projects.

All because Virginia asked.

Virginia was close to my mother’s age, but she appeared ageless to me with her sparkling eyes and ever-present smile. Her long straight hair that fell to the middle of her back was already beginning to gray when we first met decades ago. But her energy always seemed to exceed that of the young activists she attracted.

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