October 2015
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What Every Office Needs...
Post-it Notes.

Why we love Post-it notes. The benefits.
One of the most helpful accidental discoveries of our time ( see the history of Post-It notes here), Post-it notes makes our list of essential office items.

From board rooms to reception desks, it's hard to find an office today without a good supply of these wonderful little stick and re-stick pads of paper.

Some of the most popular reasons people love these things are:
  • The simple ability to capture one, moveable thought. In a planning session where ideas are generated, grouped, digested, and discarded having the flexibility of moving an idea around the planning board is very valuable.
  • Post-it notes are quick. Just grab, write, and stick in a prominent spot to remind yourself of something or to quickly capture an idea during planning.
  • Super sticky Post-it notes are great for ideas that potentially will be moved a lot. This makes the super sticky notes perfect for a lengthy brainstorming session.
  • Post-it notes come in many colors, shapes, and sizes to fit all of your planning and everyday use needs.
  • Post-it notes even come in pink to help you post reminders during October that it is Breast Cancer Awareness month.
Post-It Tools - Beyond the yellow square.
Did you know that the Post-it brand has many tools that take you beyond the sticky, yellow note square? Indeed they do. Post-it brand also carries:
  • Post-it Easels
  • Big Post-it Pads
  • Adhesive Roll Post-its
See more Post-it tools in this month's specials. Click here.

Are you ready to order your supply of planning season Post-it products? Search our website to find exactly what you need.

If you need help, call the office. We're always happy to assist in your quest for office supplies because we know it takes people to understand your office supply needs!

Going Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness.

The American Cancer Society is encouraging people to wear a pink ribbon during October to raise awareness about breast cancer.

You can make your own using directions on the ACS website. Click here to download and follow.

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2016 Calendars are in! Just use the numbers in the catalog and you will get 2016.

We have 4 tickets for the November 21st bout.  How do I win them, you ask?  You may enter the drawing in one of two ways.
1. Place an order between now and 11/6 that includes at least one Breast Cancer Awareness item. We will enter your name in the drawing for each order you place.
2. You may also enter by sending Dayna an email with the subject ROLLERGIRLS. There is a limit of one per person when entering via email.

We'll look forward to your entries! 

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