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The KEY to Moving the Needle

National and local research indicates that a young person's success in each of the  Cradle to Career Outcome areas greatly predicts whether or not they will become adults who are sustainably employed*.


Within each outcome area, there are a set of key indicators that are most pushing trend-lines up or down. Research and analysis tells us that if we focus on improving what is happening at the indicator level, we will then see results at the outcome level. In other words, this is how we will produce the greatest impact.

It is imperative that we understand where gaps exist for young people who are experiencing disparities at the indicator level so that our efforts target what will yield the most impact in supporting their cradle to career success.

ACYI is in the process of assessing which key indicators MOST impact Cradle to Career Outcomes. This newsletter highlights some of the Key Indicators impacting post-secondary credential enrollment and attainment.

What's Affecting Post-Secondary Success for Adams County Youth?
Post-Secondary Enrollment by the Numbers

The data below depicts post-secondary enrollment rates for the five school districts that are a part of the ACYI Partnership (Adams 12 Five Star Schools, Adams County 14, Mapleton Public Schools, School District 27J, and Westminster Public Schools).  ACYI defines 'post-secondary' as any college, certificate, apprenticeship, credential program that helps the recipient become sustainably employed. To learn more about post-secondary enrollment and attainment rates of youth within the ACYI Partnership, check out the full data dashboard HERE.

What Youth Are Saying about Barriers to Success

"There is something fundamentally amiss about building or rebuilding a system without consulting at any point those it is designed to serve." 

- Alison Cook Sather

The Technology Enabled Girl Ambassador (TEGA) team recently completed interviews with youth parents here in Adams County about the barriers to post-secondary enrollment and attainment. Below is a snapshot of some of the findings from these interviews. You can access the full executive summary, a synthesis of the findings from these interviews, HERE.

TEGA lifts the themes that are echoed throughout interviews with youth.

Respondents noted the cultural, structural, and social challenges of entering a post-secondary program:

"I mean, you graduate, and I feel like in our -- in our community -- the Latino community, is, you know, you go to work, you know, it's just how it is. So, to be specific with myself, you know, when I graduated high school, I already had a job. It was a part time job. When I came back from that job, you know, it was -- it was --"
-Male, Hispanic, 23
" family of course is a big support and they're supportive and excited but I am the first one in my family to go....They don't really know what the process of starting college or anything like that since I am the first one. ....It's scary as well... Going into it when nobody else can really guide you specifically family-wise because family is what's closest to me."
- Female, Hispanic, 18
"I don't really talk to my peers about school because nobody really cares."
- Male, Black, 19
With these critical voices at the center of this work, the Post-Secondary Success Collaborative Action Network (CAN) is better equipped to understand the systemic barriers  and challenges young people face on their journey to post-secondary, and begin to focus efforts to drive systems change. 

This is just a taste of the initial findings from interviews related to post-secondary success

T o dive deeper into these findings, check out the  executive summary  and register for our next  #AdamsCountyVoices: Barriers to Post-Secondary Success Webinar .

Together We 'CAN'

Collective work has also kicked off around other Cradle to Career Outcomes. LEARN MORE about the work underway through ACYI's other CANs to improve Cradle to Career Outcomes  for youth.

Together We 'CAN'
Learn More About ACYI's Post-Secondary Success CAN

Only 46% of youth in the ACYI Partnership enroll in post-secondary programs, and only 39% of these youth complete their program within 6 years, if at all. Essentially, this means that about 20% of our community's high school graduates are receiving the credentials they need for gainful employment. 

Cross-sector partners, who understand and agree that collective action is needed to support more young people to receive the credentials necessary to successfully enter the workforce, have assembled through ACYI's Post-Secondary Success CAN to strategically align their action to results. LEARN MORE

Learn More About Additional ACYI CAN Efforts

Collective work has also kicked off around other Cradle to Career Outcomes. LEARN MORE about the work underway through ACYI's other CANs to improve Cradle to Career Outcomes for youth.

Meet Our Data Manager
Meet Kelsey, ACYI's Data Manager
Kelsey Murphy, ACYI Data Manager

Kelsey Murphy recently joined the team as ACYI's Data Manager. As the Data Manager, Kelsey leads the planning, analysis, reporting, coaching, and coordinator for ACYI's overall data needs and data infrastructure, with a specific focus on driving data to support CANs and teams working to improve Cradle to Career outcomes in the ACYI Partnership.

Kelsey's day to day role consists of obtaining, analyzing, and visualizing the data used by the ACYI Partnership, in addition to providing coaching and support to partners and staff to use the data to do outcomes focused work.

When Kelsey is not supporting the ACYI Partnership in starting and ending our work with data, Kelsey is a lover of all things outdoors. Before coming to ACYI, Kelsey obtained her Bachelor's degree in Sociology from the University of Colorado, and traveled all across South America, including living in Argentina for two years.

To schedule a meeting or data session with Kelsey , contact her at

Ongoing Learning Opportunities
To Support Outcomes Focused Work

Through our Institute we provide training, coaching and support for outcomes focused work happening on behalf of children and youth, specifically related to moving the needle in identified Cradle to Career priorities in Adams County. LEARN MORE

For a list of current opportunities available, visit us online at
Intro to ACYI

Who is ACYI, and how does the ACYI Partnership work to improve Cradle to Career Outcomes for Adams County youth?

Learn more about the ACYI Partnership, its   collective impact approach, and the work ACYI supports. This workshop is a prerequisite for all other Institute workshops.
The ACYI Theory of Action

Take a Deep Dive Into Our Framework and Where the ACYI Partnership Is In Its Journey

Gain a better understanding of how the framework is used by the ACYI Partnership to affect systems change in improving outcomes for young people, and how far the ACYI Partnership is in its implementation.
  • February 12, 2019 | 2:30pm | LEARN MORE
Intro to Continuous Improvement

What is Continuous Improvement and how can this process help me improve outcomes on behalf of children and youth? And how can ACYI support you along this journey? 

Learn about the the Continuous Improvement process and receive an introduction to basic tools that are key to the practice.
  • February 26, 2019 | 3:00 PM | LEARN MORE
  • PREREQUISITES: Intro to ACYI, Collective Impact and the Theory of Action
A Practical Guide for Continuous Improvement

In order to best support youth on their journey from Cradle to Career, we must utilize an Outcomes Focused Approach.  Jeffrey M Liker's 'Developing Lean Leaders at All Levels: A Practical Guide'  takes us back to where Continuous Improvement originated in the business sector at Toyota, and serves as a practical guide for organizations looking to build their own culture of Continuous Improvement. In fact, this book helped to jumpstart a Continuous Improvement movement within one of our own school districts!

We are kicking our first book club cohort, where we will read the book and get together to have discussions and sessions that dive deeper into this framework. LEARN MORE

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