What a Beautiful Ramadan We've Had!
Thank You for Making it Special 
PLEASE NOTE: The Islamic Center will be closed on Sunday, June 9th in observance of Eid. We WILL be open for all prayers . Doors open 15 minutes before.
Dear beloved community members,

Alhamdullilah  (all praise to God), over the past several weeks, our community has gathered together nightly in prayer, stewardship, and friendship. We have fasted together, shared  iftar , and stood side-by-side in worship from sunset to sunrise. We have been rained on, showered in blessings, and watched in awe as a rainbow appeared over the tent in our back parking lot following an afternoon rain.
Through it all, we are grateful to have the opportunity to provide you with programs and activities to nurture your heart and soul this Ramadan with your community.
We kicked-off our nightly  Kids’ Quran Recitation... Dr. Saleh Kholaki (who lead the religious services committee) and Sheikh Asim Buyuksoy invited the children to sign up for a chance to recite a  surah  (chapter)   during our evening program at the front of the Prayer Hall. More than a dozen children have stood before attendees to share the tajweed they have been working hard to master. Masha’Allah! This weekend, all participants received a gift for their commitment to learning Quran and their courage for reciting in-front of the crowd. May Allah reward our children for their efforts and our generous donor for donating gifts for the youth.
On Saturday mornings, our Food Pantry crew distributed groceries to over 300 Koreatown community members. They serve every weekend, come rain or shine. After the pantry, volunteers stayed to help assemble care packages for the homeless to be distributed during  Humanitarian Day. This year, with your generous contributions and the assistance of our dedicated Food Pantry volunteers, we were able to raise almost $1,000 and hand out 800 bags of snacks, men’s deodorant, and sanitary napkins at the event.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY!  If you are interested in learning more about Humanitarian Day, please email  programs@islamiccenter.com .
Our Saturday Community Night  activities began to ramp up with Spiritual Night, MYG's Big Ramadan and our Night Market! Our usual  Night Market  more than doubled in size from our first weekend, as we welcomed over a dozen vendors to sell an array of products and distribute information about their services to approximately 900 people who passed through our doors.
While parents shopped, our kids found ways to rally together and have some fun too! They organized pick-up basketball games, celebrated birthdays, and got in line for  tacos and snow cones  from the children’s booth organized by Sr. Naz Harahap. After spending some time with the children outside, it has never been more clear that tending to the hearts of our young ones needs be a top priority here at the ICSC.
This weekend, we also hosted a Muslim Young Professionals Iftar and White Elephant Gift Exchange for 80 young adults between the age of 25 and 35. We closed out Ramadan with our Gift Wrapping Party last night. Throughout the evening, volunteers helped wrap over 60 gifts that have been generously donated to our Ramadan Toy Drive this past month.
In these final days of Ramadan, may we all do our best to slow down and reconnect with our Creator and our community.If we see rust built up on our hearts, let us commit to polishing them. And if we have gotten caught up and lost sight of where we are going, may we take a moment to slow down and see each other, our Center, our world, and ourselves through the eyes of a child - appreciating what is beautiful, and helping to make a difference however we can.

Thank YOU to all of our dedicated volunteers and each of you for making this a beautiful Ramadan!
The Staff of the Islamic Center
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