October 12, 2018
Welcome Back!
It was a great Accent team effort for the big Color Blast in September!
Thanks and Congrats to Kelly!

It has been a minute since our last Accent Advisor. But please be advised, they are going to coming with much more regularity. They will have "news that you can use" and motivational information. In addition, you will be updated on ways you may help to move Team Accent forward, just like Kelly Szymesko did!

Our last Accent Accounting League contest was to give ideas for ways to give back to our community. Kelly's entry of us participating in the Color Blast 5K fun run/walk to benefit Skate Dauphin was the winner! For her superb idea, Kelly was awarded a Boston Pizza gift certificate.

Like the last contest, the one described below is individually based. So, everybody will be eligible to win the next prize!
Accent Accounting League Contest: Watch This Video!

  1. Please take ten minutes and watch the Life in the Tax Lane Video below prepared by the Video News Tax Team for Canadian Tax and Financial Professionals. (There is excellent information contained in it and it is really well done.)
  2. After you watch it, click the email link, and in just a couple of sentences recap what the video was all about. Then give yourself 1000 AAL points.
  3. Between now and our Christmas Party, there will be other opportunities to earn points by reading the Advisor. So, stay tuned, open your emails AND keep track of your points. This round's AAL winner will be announced at our Christmas Party!
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